Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tagged again!

Something I keep hidden: Reese's pb cups
Something that’s always on display: Family Pictures
One thing I will never throw away: Dessert that hasn't gone bad!!
The best gift I have ever received: My grandmother's porcelain bowl
An unusual thing in my purse: Hmmm, maybe a toothpick or flosser threader?
Something that’s always in my trunk: I don’t have a trunk in my SUV. But there’s always jumper cables, an emergency kit and a blanket
Something I never want to run out of: Toilet paper, water, lipstick
My favorite pair of shoes: Clarks clogs
Something I never take off: nothing that I can think of!
Something I sleep with every night: my pillow
Something that triggers a memory: I agree - either pictures, smells or a song
Something my children fight over: Who gets to use the drums or who gets the last Propel
One thing that’s on my wishlist: I want to go on a cruise
Something I’m embarrassed to admit I like: E! T.v.
Something I collect: scrapbook and stamping supplies
Something I avoid at all cost: Milk
Let’s see….and I tag 2 other ladies at SBA…I have to find them first!!

Ok, it looks like Wendy in MD hasn't been tagged on this one!

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