Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Six One Way, Half a Dozen the Other

Got this from Stacy's blog & loved it! Hope you don't mind my stealing!

1. Name six things in your refrigerator. Skim Milk, OJ, sharp cheddar cheese, fat free half & half, Aso sauce, pitted Calamata olives

2. Name six things in your freezer. boneless skinless chicken breasts, hamburger meat, pork tenderloin, shrimp, Red Barron mini pizzas (my son lives on them), sugar free Slim Bear ice creams

3. Name six things under your kitchen sink. (currently nothing while waiting for dishwasher to be installed) normally: glass cleaner in a spray bottle, Fantastic, Electrosol dishwasher tabs, Oxy dish soap (love this stuff), antibacterial wipes, sponges and a whole lot of junk. See post down below!

4. Name six things around your computer (at work). Palm Pilot in cradle, Dymo labelwriter reader, PILES OF PAPERS, calculator, 20 button telephone and my pink fuzzy highlighter!

5. Name six things in your medicine cabinet. I don't have a medicine cabinet but in my kitchen cabinet: Advil, multivitamins, calcium, fish oil tablets, Tylenol, evening primrose

6. Name six things on or around your nightstand. Lamp, clock radio, earplugs (hubby snores), photo of my now 20 yo. during his first communion, basket with a cute note from my then little boy (now 17), a silver giraffe

I won’t tag anyone specifically, but please let me know if you play along at your blog

Something interesting....

On my way in this a.m., I heard a question on the radio. They were asking if there's a universally thought of gorgeous person that you just don't get. KWIM?

Ok, for me it's probably Pierce Brosnan. I just don't like him or his looks. The other person is Angelina Jolie. I know everyone thinks she's gorgeous and she is sometimes but other times she looks horrible to me.

One more for you....Meredith on Grey's Anatomy. She's really not that great looking. Now Izzy is beautiful. Why isn't she in the NY & Co. ads? Patrick Demsey is definitely gorgeous though!

Sometimes it's personality for me too. I used to love Tom Cruise until he was a jerk. Now I don't think he's good looking. I just don't like him anymore! And I think someone like Kovach on ER is gorgeous (maybe he just is) but it's mostly becaues of his personality. Not sure. My hubby thinks he's ugly. Jealousy, perhaps?

Are there any like that out there for you?

More Murphy's Law....

My hubby made a hotel reservation to go snowmobiling with the guys this weekend. They are going pretty far up north because we don't have much snow. Well, we are due for a storm on Friday morning which may be enough where we usually go. The only problem is that the hotel has a 48 hr. cancellation policy and the storm will arrive Fri. morning and they will arrive Thurs. night at the hotel! They could save a lot of money by not going up that far because they could stay at our friend's house. Oh well....I think they're going to go for the hotel just in case the storm fizzles out.

It's going to be a weird weekend for me. My hubby will be away and my mom is leaving for Ireland on Thursday! So it's just me and my 17 yo. son. I think I'll be doing a lot of scrapping/stamping!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Appliance woes

First of all, they got here at 11:30. It was freezing cold out and the door was open for a while. Then they said I'd probably have to wait a few days for dishwasher and microwave installation.

So then I threw all the food in quickly and got to work to relieve someone who was helping me out. But as I was shutting the garage door, a bird flew in! So I opened it again and it flew out. Whew!

Well...my dishwasher and microwave will not be installed until this coming Sat. Thank God we have the old microwave to use on the counter. The dishwasher still works so it's no biggie. It's just that I have these new things sitting in boxes in my kitchen!! I didn't realize it would take this long for installation.

And how did I accumulate so many cleaning supplies? They are on top of the counter so that they can get under the sink to install the dishwasher.

Here's the before. I won't take the new until they're all installed.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Murphy's Law....

I'm going in late today because I'm waiting for appliances to be delivered. My son asked for a ride to school so off we go. He told me not to take a left and go under the railroad bridge but to go further up and take a left. He said the traffic backs up at the intersection in front of his school. My neighbor was in front of us so he said he could prove that we'd get to the school before they did.

So.....I took the left and there was a train. It was pretty short so we thought we'd still be ok. The gates never went up. I turned around, went further up to go around. Of course we got to school long after the neighbor and I had to call him in for being 5 minutes late. LOL It never works the way you want it to.

So now I'm waiting for my delivery. The window is 9:30 - 11:30. Kowing my luck, it will be at 11:30. Oh well..time to throw in some laundry and post on my blog before work!

Feast One Hundred & Twenty Eight


If you could take lessons to learn any musical instrument, which would you want to learn? Let me tell ya, I am not musical and the rest of my family is. I think I'll pass since we already have 3 who play drums, guitar, bass (and one who also plays keyboard). It's not very quiet in my house!! I'll stick with air guitar.

Have you ever mistaken a person for someone else? No, I don't think so?!

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how well do you keep secrets? 10 I will go to my grave with certain secrets. I was once at a company where there was going to be a major layoff so the personnel director asked if I could do the paperwork, rather than her assistant because she trusted me. I had friends who were being laid off and I couldn't tell.

Main Course
What's the closest you've ever been to a dangerous animal? There was a huge tom turkey in my back yard and my son and I ran into the garage.

When was the last time you lost your patience? Tuesday - with a PIA science student (masters program). He thought we should change our procedures because he didn't get it!! I told him that he's the only one who has a problem with it. I should have been nicer but just lost it after arguing with him for 10 minutes.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ugh....a quick, boring update!

I haven't been able to post much or play much. I've been swamped at work with pesky students and needy faculty!!

It's so cold out today (18) and will be even colder tomorrow (single digi's). The one good thing is that my appliances are coming! I'll try to take a photo to post but it's really hard getting my kitchen in. I cannot wait to get the old microwave off my counter. I hate the clutter!!

I don't know what is wrong but I need my cardmaking mojo back. I opened up my CTMH order last night to play but couldn't get anything done. I just sit and stare at my Valentine stamps & embellies and can't get any further. I did make two cards. They're ok but not great. One is for my 17 yo. and I know he will love it so I guess that's all that counts. I almost got a card made but couldn't find any shiny gold paper in my huge stash. It has gold french writing on the background and I used some texture - burgundy shantung paper and a sort of mesh piece that has gold through it. I need to search for gold paper on my lunch hour. I've checked Mike's before and they don't have it, only silver. Not sure if this card is for my dh or my 20 yo and his gf. I still need to make one for my mom too. I don't know if it's the Valentine's thing and maybe the pressure to make a good one for my family or what.

Oh well..back to Payroll and phone calls and dissertation hearing paperwork!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The semester begins......

What a rat race today. Busy, busy, busy. We've had three lines ringing at once, students at the door, etc. My son came into visit for a bit and I couldn't even speak to him until I took care of three students and a few phone calls!!

Then this afternoon the rush began again. We have 4:00 classes mostly so it's crazy in the afternoon. This pesky little science student came in and gave me a hard time. I gave it right back to him. He was one that we almost rejected. It's going to be a long 2 yrs. with him!!!!!!! I think I put him in his place though. He was still mumbling as he left. As if we'd change our procedures to suit just him!!! I wanted to say, "You are the only thick one who doesn't understand!". I bit my tongue and told him nicely, sort of.

So then my son called from the bookstore. Ugh....I ran over to pay for the first se4t of books (around $150). I already paid him for the supplies he bought and he will need more. I suppose I shouldn't complain. Some Science or Math books cost $80-120 each!! He was able to buy most of them used, thank God!

I'm sure tomorrow won't be any better or Thurs. Friday will be nice since we don't have classes on Fri.!! Yeah...later, alligator!

Monday, January 22, 2007


We (my dh) painted the two upstairs bathrooms over the weekend. One was a shade different shade because I picked the wrong one the first time (too powdery blue instead of watery). So I'm pretty happy with that one.

I cleaned out the room so he could do our bathroom and then I went shopping. WELL....I picked the paint out about 3 or so months ago. It's HORRIBLE!! My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw it. It's a bright sunflowerish yellow. I was looking for a muted gold color. NOT. I have no idea what we're going to do but it has to be changed. First I thought of some sort of faux finish over it to tone it down. Then I thought it would probably be more work and what if it's still horrible?! So I guess I'll be looking at paint chips again and I'm letting my hubby pick it this time! I guess I'm just not good with color. Somehow I think I'm ok with color in my scrapbooks but on walls, I suck. Mind you, we had to do our porch over during the summer too. And I take so much care in getting a gazillion chips and take my time deciding....I need a color class!!!

I'm very excited that our new appliances will be coming on Friday! Yippeee!! We got all Whirlpool - dishwasher, fridge, stove and microwave. I'm curious to see how stainless will look in my kitchen!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Feast One Hundred & Twenty Seven

Which television shows do you just refuse to miss? Grey's Anatomy & ER

Who did you last speak to on the telephone? Our friend from Maine. I'm not a talker on the phone.

How many pillows do you keep on your bed? two to sleep with and 3 toss

Main Course
Name one addition to your computer (software, hardware, etc.) that you'd love to have. I'd love to have a photo printer.

What is your favorite foreign food? Hmmm....do you mean ethnic? Or really foreign? I like Indian food but don't know what I'm ordering! I only like the veggie talle. I love Chinese, Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern/Arabic....ok, what DON'T I like?!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Simple thanks I made with my Cricut...

Another day of nothingness!

I'm the only one in the office. LOVE that feeling (unless the phones are crazy). This is the last day of semi-calm around here. Classes start on Tuesday so it's been getting busier and busier! I am counting the days until my co-worker returns from maternity leave (another month). I have a new TA and she's working out well but I still have to do all of the student records stuff.

I don't know what I'm going to do with my sons! Last night, my youngest was staying over a friends but we didn't know that until 9:30. It was snowing and I was watching Grey's, then ER. So I wasn't picking him up til 11 and then he called to say he was asked to sleep over. He has midterms this week and non scheduled for today so he's off. Anyway, he called back to ask if I could bring over some snacks!!!! I said, um NO!! The roads weren't great. He couldn't figure out why I wouldn't drive over. He said he was starving and they had nothing to eat. I thought about that every time I woke up through the night. I'm still thinking about it and hate to think my son is starving at someone's house!! I gave him the option of coming home to sleep but he said no. So I guess I shouldn't worry too much?!! I'm sure I'll be heading over there on my lunch hour (1/2 hr. away) to bring him food.

Then my oldest came in to collect his laundry (I did 3 loads last night) and left. He called about 1/2 hr. later to see if I could possibly drive him home to his apt. which is 45 min. one way!!!!!!!!! His car is horrible in the snow. So...of course I said probably not but why doesn't he just come home and stay with us for the night. Mind you, it's now 11 p.m. and I have to get up at 6! So he came home and I told him that my dh did not want me driving all that way with the roads like that. I went to bed and he apparently got someone to drive him home. He left a note which I found this morning. His car is still at my house. I didn't have a great night of sleep between worrying about the two boys and my dh. He cannot find another job and cannot stand where he is. Not a good situation.

Anyway, it's Friday and I'm happy I have no bosses today! I need a nice easy day today!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Still brrrrrrr....

It's a little better (12 as opposed to 6 degrees) this a.m. I'm getting used to it. It was so pretty on my way in this morning. I always wish I had my camera! But then again, I could get into an accident taking pictures while driving! LOL I drive by a big pond down the street and the sun is usually still coming up over the pond. Sometimes there's fog over it and sometimes the water is like glass. This morning the ice was glistening!

Ok, back to earth. I need to get to work. No scrapping last night. I borrowed my neighbor's Cricut cartridge to cut some titles, opened the box and it was empty! LOl She's dropping it off later. So I ended up making another monogram card for my cousin's daughter.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It was a whopping 6 degrees at my house this morning. I seriously hate to think about homeless people in this weather. It really bothers me. I'm also thinking about the tons of people who are without power still from the ice storm. I have a coworker who came home from a cruise to find that he lost power. I don't think it's back yet since Monday! Also, my oldest does not have heat in his car. We offered to pay for it to be fixed but he can't see the point. It will cost a ton because he has a "low rider" car and it's not easy to get to. Anyway, I'm seriously hoping he didn't have to work today or took his gf's car!!

I didn't get much done last night in the card/scrap area except for another one or two monogram cards for my cousin's daughter. She likes to send thank yous to all of the people who give her little gifts (she's slightly spoiled but a good girl). So she's had comments from the recipients who loved her cards.. She ran out so I'm making more! It's nice because I can use up my scraps and all of the "schlock" (my good friend's word for way too much junk!). Later!

That's about it

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back to the Grindstone...

Ok, I take back what I said about my youngest. He gave me a hard time this morning about getting up and to school on time. They have midterms this week so they can go in late. But not after the test time!!! He still hadn't been picked up at 7:55 and I saw his friend behind the bus. So he obviously didn't make it by 8:00. I knew I'd jinxs myself when I said he was so much better!! Let's hope the rest of the week goes a little better.

I'm at work with a new TA so it should be interesting to say the least. At least it's still winter break!

Monday, January 15, 2007

What a great weekend!!

First of all, don't be shocked with the new appearance. I decided to change from the green dots because too many have it. I'll tweak it eventually!

I have been so relaxed. I've exercised, read, cleaned the house, organized my closet, scrapped, stamped. What more could a girl want?!!

I finished the book, "The Year of Magical Thinking" and have started Michael Connolly's, "The Narrows" which is the sequel to Blood Work. I didn't realize that Blood Work was after The Poet in a series. So I never read that one. I guess I need to start a book counter for the year. I'm back in the swing! I've been reading while I drink my coffee in the a.m. because I fall asleep at night reading. Ahhhhh...very nice. I don't want to go back to the grind tomorrow!

I have a few cards to post. I made about 8 last night. I was a crazed stamper. I just couldn't quit! The green cake one is Stampin Up and also the Celebrate You.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I got 4 cards done last night. I just couldn't get up the desire to scrap. Today is the day. I may try to post the cards in a while. I just feel if I spend time posting, I won't scrap.

Weather wise, we're having a dreary rainy/icy day. I"m staying in. My dh had band practice so I hope he gets there and back safely (45 min. away).

My youngest has been much more pleasant and has stayed out of trouble (at least I think so). His annual Sp.Ed. meeting went well. They said they thought the old G was back. He actually smiled a few times. It was nice to see. So I'm seriously hoping this isn't a temporary thing or that I don't jinx myself by saying this. I"ve held off long enough! Very happy in this regard.

As a matter of fact, my hubby has had a better attitude also. He still hates the job but has decided if they don't like the job he's doing, let them fire him. He doesn't care any more. I think this is good for me and also his blood pressure!

My oldest hasn't been by much but I know I have to give him his space. He's loving the apartment and I totally understand that. He did take some photos for his wall frame. He loved this one of the two of us which made me happy! I'm finding that I can even look past the lip ring and tattoos!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Feast One Hundred & Twenty Six

What comes to mind when you see the color orange? hot summer & popsicles

Did you ever get in trouble while you were in school? If so, what was it for? Oh yeah, I wasn't an angel! I use to chat with my friends and other things!

Which topping(s) make up your perfect pizza? I love Hawaiian pizza (ham, pineapple & bacon)

Main Course
Do you believe in UFOs/aliens/etc.? Why or why not? Yes, I think I do. I've seen too many shows were people have said the same things and drawn creatures that look alike. They can't all be in cahootz(sp?)!

What color is your bedspread/comforter/quilt? It's gold, olive green & rusty red

Thursday, January 11, 2007

another quick card...

Made this for our T.A. who is leaving tomorrow. :-( She's been great and will miss her!! I used an Outlines stamp that I got on sale for 40% off at my lss. The paper (you can't really see it) is SU Elegant Eggplant and Whisper White. The ribbon is SU Lavender Lace. I used Bazzill Bazzinks for both light and dark purple.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Whew! What a day!!

It's been crazy at work. We're gearing up for the spring semester. Anyway, as I walked through my garage last night I thought this could be my 06-07 lo of snowmobiling!!! Is something missing?!! Like SNOW?! Our snowmobiles are getting lost among the junk in the garage! Doing the snow dance for my dh!

Monday, January 08, 2007


Ok, I was typing away at my post last night when my hubby came up and saw the title of my blog and asked what it was. I felt like I was caught doing something wrong!! hehe, it's just that I've never shared the blog with anyone other than my friend from MI (and SBA'ers of course) since it's just my random thoughts. So I felt funny! Weird, I can't explain the feeling.

Anyway, I made a bunch of cards last night, some of which I think I used the SU catty for ideas. I'll try to post in a bit.

BTW - our microwave died yesterday!! Ugh....what a PIA. So now we have to go appliance shopping. We were almost ready to upgrade all of them but not quite. So now we'll rush out and find a stove, refrig, dishwasher and microwave since you get a better deal that way. We were hoping to get our wood floors in first. We did take one from the basement bar area upstairs because going up and down to cook dinner was becoming a problem. I did get my exercise yesterday!!! While I was in the basement, the phone rang 3 times and I finally picked it up. It was for my mom so I had to run up two flights after running up and down several times with the rice, veggies, etc. I don't know why she can't pick it up when she's sitting there reading the paper?! That's my grumble for the day.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


ok, I think I sounded bad about the cancellation and company. I just wanted a weekend to relax but didn't want our friend to be sick! We ended up having a quiet weekend.

I went to my lss and exchanged some of my Christmas gifts and ended up buying some cute things.

I also bought the Gomez cd. It's very good so far!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

No company...

Our friend cancelled on us. His heart was sent into Dfib? I'm clueless in medical terms. Anyway, he has an irregular heart that had to be reset. He called and is fine but tired.

So here's a card I made the other day. The picture is horrible as usual. All images are Stampin'Up. The inside says, "You're an angel".

Friday, January 05, 2007

Music wants....

I'm loving Gomez lately. I wonder how the rest of the cd is:

I also want the new Dave Matthews. I guess it hasn't come out yet? I heard the Zombies tune "Time of the Season" this morning & loved it!


I got my hair cut last night, went home and ate a quick SB dinner. Then I made a cute SU angel card and my ds called for a ride home. So....I took a photo to post and left the camera card at home!! Grrr.

Anyway, we had a call last night from our ME friends. They wanted to know if we wanted company this weekend. We didn't but felt guilty and said yes. PIA! We had planned on painting the bathrooms (it would be VERY nice to finish up once and for all) and I was going to the lss with a friend for the .10 paper & other things sale. Yes, I know I said I was on a spending freeze but I have things to return from Christmas so I was going to use the credit! ooops.

So now I have to run around tonight food shopping and cleaning. My dh is working at a show so he can't help. I need to buy foods that fit my SB diet and stick with it somehow. These people like to eat big time!! They love my baking which is NOT going to happen. I'm sure we'll have fun but we're just not ready for company. I still have to clean up my oldest ds' room. He moved out but it's still a wreck so I have to put them in the basement since my other "spare" room is occupied permanently by my mom. Such is life. Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Got this from Cindi on the SBA ring but I can't post a comment!

I don't have a wordpress account.

An ABC fill in the blank Thingy
A is for age: 47
B is for beer of choice: Michelob Ultra (for the diet)
C is for career right now: Office Mgr. - Education
D is for your dog’s name: Don't have one
E is for essential item you use everyday: shampoo
F is for favorite TV show at the moment: Grey’s Anatomy
G is for favorite game: Taboo
H is for Hometown: Westford, MA
I is for instruments you play: As IF I could!!
J is for favorite juice: Not my fav but the only one I can have - Spicy V8
K is for whose butt you’d like to kick: The kid who punched my son's teeth in.
L is for last place you ate: At my house
M is for marriage: Yep! Will be 30 years in October!!!!!
N is for your full name: Michelle Lorraine
O is for overnight hospital stays: 2 - when I delivered each son
P is for people you were with today: there are 3 of us in the office at the moment
Q is for favorite quote: Live, Laugh, Love
R is for Biggest Regret: Gaining 50 lbs. after quitting smoking
S is for status: Happily married
T is for time you woke up today: 6 a.m.
U is for underwear (style & color) you have on now: black high cut briefs
V is for vegetable you love & one you hate: Love all vegggies.
W is for worst habit: today - complaining
X is for x-rays you’ve had: Only dental unless you include ultra sound on my foot
Y is for yummy food you ate today: Nothing yet! I'm starving
Z is for your zodiac sign: Virgo

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Quick & easy cards....

I made 5 quick cards last night just for fun.

All images are Stampin Up except the "thinking of you" and Happy Birthday words. I cannot get a good photo of the purple card with the watering can. The photos really stink. Oh well.....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Random thoughts....

Ok, here's a good point for technology and myspace. I know it's had lots of bad reviews and issues but....my son came in this morning to tell me who "friended" him. It was someone from PA. We moved from there around 11 1/2 yrs. ago and he was just 5.

We were good friends with our neighbors across the st. They used to include us in all of their family gatherings on holidays. Anyway, we did everything together. So our boys were best buddies (4 & 3 yrs. old until we moved away). Their daughter was born on the same day as our son event though we were due 2 weeks apart. We've been out of touch since our last vacation together (probably 9-10 yrs. ago).

So she is the one who friended him. I'm so happy they got in touch and hope they stay that way. What's really funny is she mentioned that he was her first kiss! I caught them smooching one day when they were about 4. Too funny but we put a stop to that! They used to be so cute together. He'd call her his gf. He told me right before we moved away that when he gets big he's going to move back to PA, work at Genuardi's (grocery store) and live with Chelsea! Isn't that funny?!!

So....technology is good for finding old friends & keeping in touch. I won't even list why it's not good but thought I'd share a positive.

NY Eve...

Had a fun time at our neighbor's for NY Eve. We ate Chinese, had lots of drinks (champagne, cosmos, mai tais, beer) and danced a lot. Before we went over, I told my ds he had to have a ride home. So around 9:30 I got a phone call from him saying that he hoped it wasn't too late but he needed a ride. Grrrrr....I drank lots of water for the rest of the night and picked him up around 12:30. Then we dropped him home and went back to the party til around 2:30. Very fun but the interruption wasn't great.