Monday, August 31, 2009

Another way....

Sorry to be MIA and now I'm going to be boring. I made another thank you using the digi mouse stamp and I still can't find the source so that I can give credit.

I decided I didn't like the white space on the top left corner in this image so I stamped my sentiment right there to fill it in a bit. I think I may like this one a little better, not sure.

I hope to be back with regular posts soon. I just have so much going on and I can't really talk. It's all a waiting game and it could be good or it could be bad. I'm really trying to be patient but it's not easy. Thanks for stopping by and for your patience. I'd love some good thoughts and vibes if you wouldn't mind. ;-)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Stamp club....

Here's what we made last night. Mine is a wallet/gift card holder that my friend, Kristen, taught us to make when she was doing workshops at her house. I've used this several times for birthdays and Christmas. I Cuttlebugged the front and filed it using CTMH paper. We colored and cut the cupcakes and then painted frosting with stickles.

This gorgeous shutter card which was a LOT of work:

And a pretty transparent card. It's very hard to photo. I have it on top of a file folder so it looks vanilla-ish. I didn't bother to trim the ribbon because I'm doing it over. It's crooked but it really stuck so I couldn't fix it. I may try Un-du but it may ruin the transparency.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thank you, thank you!

I had two thank yous to make tonight so I colored in this digi image twice. I hardly ever do that. One is a bit larger than the other and I ended up cutting it into an oval with my nesties so that will be a different lo. I wish I could figure out where this digi stamp came from. It's one of the first I got a while back. I will search and update if I can.

I used a sketch from Shari Carroll at Hero Arts. I thought it was a cute sketch. I wish my sentiment came out darker but oh well. You can't really see the Shimmerz so I took another photo. The only reason I colored in the flowers is that my red Copic didn't exactly match the SU Rose Red. The red shimmerz helped a bit so I colored in the other two as well. Thanks for looking and please excuse the bad photos and missing credits!!

** Edited - still looking for the source of the cute digi stamp! Also, to answer Maia's question, I don't usually get that lucky with a bow. I took a pencil and rounded out the ears but the knot in the middle just came out that way!

I forgot to say that I also shimmerzed the brads to make them match a little better.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A challenge from my friend....

My friend, Tracy, is such a fun person. She is incredibly generous and she makes me chuckle. She emails me just about daily and tells me a funny story and also listens to my complaining. Things have not been fun lately (house) and I really need the laughs. I would be lost without her emails! Did I tell you that we've never met in person? We are online friends until some day when I can fly to her state and visit or meet up somewhere else!

So I got home to a nice package in the mail from Tracy. I was so excited to see all the things she stuffed into that envelope. There was a beautiful card she made, bunches of brads (I'm a bradaholic), a cute moose stamp that I hid from my hubby so I can make an anniv. card for him, some images of a corset that you saw in one of my previous posts. She stamped the corsets on funky printed paper and said it was my challenge.

We lost cable today after a nasty thunderstorm so that means no internet, tv, telephone for a while. I started cutting out a corset and put together this card. It was so nice to have that distraction!! I thought the oval sort of resembled a mirror. I used SU cs in Groovy Guava, Wild Wasabi and I think that may be Bravo Burgundy. Weird combo but I think it worked with the paper. I painted the flowers with celery Shimmerz.

Anyway, Tracy, I treasure your friendship, even if it's only online. Thank you SO much for the fun package!! You're the best! And I hate to tell you this but you never bore me to tears so keep on typin'! LOL

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thoughts of you...

I took a couple of vacation days off but they turned out to be major errand days. My mom ended up feeling sick and going to the dr. last week. She has to have her gall bladder removed so that was one errand yesterday. I took her to meet with the surgeon. My hubby had all kids of things for me to do like look at houses, etc. My son had me run him down the st. so he could get an oil change and not wait. I could go on. Bottom line is I had two days off and didn't get one card made, no baking done (bananas are in the freezer), etc. Oh well, I guess I should feel lucky that I have so many things to do, right?!

I have this awful feeling that I won't dig my toes in the sand at the beach again this summer. I did make it once last year.

I made this over the weekend. I am still building that sympathy/thinking of you stash because you just never have enough! Thanks for looking.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Scalloped cupcakes....

I made this quick card the other night. I'm still trying to come up with something other than a regular cut card for my stamping night. I bought some scalloped cards and I have a few left that I could use. I really wanted to try cutting with Nesties to see how it would come out. They're smaller than the one I recently made (a few posts back - July 7)
but they're easy to do. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Corset's your birthday....

LOL, that's all I could come up with for a sentiment on this card. I left it blank because I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to add anything to it. A friend stamped a bunch of these and I was bound and determined to try one. Glad I did. It was fun and so not my usual which is nice.

I'm stressing about the next time I get together with the girls for stamping. Each of us comes up with a project but I know mine will be the lamest!! One is making a shutter card and I'm not sure about the other. I have a few things in mind - a gift card older, a scallop circle shaped card or a technique (not sure what). I don't know why I stress myself out over it. I know I'm the least talented and I don't want to be so maybe that's it. Anyway, I am procrastinating by getting online. Thanks for looking and if you have any ideas, please post!!

An oldie....

I made this a couple of days ago for my dad. I'm thinking I'll put something inside like, "Don't think of yourself as old, you're a classic" or something like that. got this image from a friend a while ago and had no clue what to do with it. I seem to be using this SU sentiment a LOT! You can't see the chrome parts I painted with silver shimmerz.

I am feeling better. My headache is still lurking but it's mild. Thanks for checking on me, Linda!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Another day, another card...

This could be the one for my boss, not sure yet. I pulled these old images out from stamp camp a long time ago! I don't know the name of the set but it's SU and the pp is CTMH. Thanks for looking. I'm headed to bed with a sinus headache. Hope it's gone in the a.m. There's nothing like stress, a sinus headache and lack of sleep, all rolled into one!! :-(

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Card Makin' machine...

I was on a roll for part of the weekend. I made one card yesterday and 3 this afternoon. I wanted to rebuild my sympathy card stash and loved working with the Raspberry Tart paper from SU. Couldn't decide if pearls were ok for sympathy but I needed some white to balance the card out.

Thanks for looking. Had a bad day today so I will leave it at that. I won't be posting anything fantastic in the next few days. Life goes on.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Missing again....

Oh boy, my life has been interesting. I can't really post until things are settled and I hope that will be in a few days (HA, in my dreams!!!). All I can say is I am stressed to the MAX! I haven't had one minute to create and I probably won't for a bit. Again, I am so happy I made my August cards early. I do have two friends bdays coming up and I hope I have the time to make a card.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I have a family reunion to go to at my aunt's. I'll be seeing close cousins from OR, Washington, DC, NY, etc. It'll be a blast! I hope the weather is nice Sat. because it's a pool party.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

A bright sunshiny day....

Wow, it was gorgeous out today! We took a ride to Bob's during a showing. Got my son a couple of things. I felt like we were back-to-school shopping but he's not in school.

I decided I wasn't nuts over the terrific card below so I added a flower and a few dots. I also made another card which is bright. It may be for my boss. I'm not sure yet but she does like brights. I used some old Basic Grey paper and ribbon.

Hope tomorrow is as nice as today. We are going out to a couple of open houses and then relaxing.