Monday, September 25, 2006

Nice weekend...

Ok, got home Fri. & youngest was home for dinner which was unusual. The only probelm is that dh had to work in Boston so he didn't get home until later. So I drove ds back to his friends and said thanks for trying. Then dh came home &^ asked if I wanted to go out and I said, absolutely! So we warned him not to rush home expecting ice cream cake because we were going out. It turned out that we waited for him to get home so they could join us. So his gf came with balloons and all four of us went out to eat. It was fun. I had a sea monster martini (after a couple of beers while waiting at home) and then a margarita. I did NOT follow the SB diet. We picked up youngest on the way home but it was too late for ice cream cake. We ended up eating it on Sat. night. Delish!

So I got a nice card that my ds made. It was so sweet! I'll try to post tomorrow. It's at home! And they gave me a nice Mike's g.c. My mom gave me cash, a nice top and gc for a manicure. Very nice! My dh gave me the order I placed for CTMH items.

So yesterday I went to Mike's fully intending to purchase a tote and then proceeded to get a Cricut instead! I had fun playing with it later in the afternoon.

Back at work today, unfortunately. Oh well...gotta pay for that Amex bill from the other day! LOL

Friday, September 22, 2006

Yep, it's my bday, it's my bday!

Ugh...not another one! I'm 47 today, officially at 6 something p.m. I guess that's why I like to eat...I was born at dinner time!

I woke up to a nice note from my hubby with a card (he had to leave at 6 this morning). Then my youngest left me a note to call him in late because his gf was late coming to get him, and oh, by the way, have a nice birthday! So cute.

My mom left a note with a card also. She won't be home tonight but wanted me to have a nice day & she'll see me tomorrow. She gave me a beautiful card and some cash! yeah!!

My oldest is working today (his gf is too). So I can only assume they'll have a cake tomorrow night. We're boring, we don't change anything. We have an ice cream cake for everyone's bday. We're not big cake eaters.

I think they forgot at work which is totally fine. I get embarrassed easily! So maybe dh and I can actually go out to dinner on a Fri. night instead of the usual exciting food shopping!! :-) LOL

Yep, so this one doesn't feel bad because when I was 45 I went to Hawaii with friends and we talked about celebrating the next big birthday and I told them I was going to be 47. Where I got this, I'll never know. Anyway, several months went by and I realized that I was only 46!!!!!!! Ok, it was just a blonde or senior moment. hehe but I feel much better actually turning it since I was there a year ahead!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

male get well card

How can you make a male get well? You can't use flowers! So...this is a quick one I made for my cousin's hubby who is on the Capitol Police force and who just had surgery!

The photo isn't great. I chalked the scene and then put liquid paper on the water to make it look wet.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another day...another dollar

Nothing new to post about. I've been walking outside after work instead of getting on the treadmill and it's been great! It's been really nice outside and I can definitely feel it a lot more in my legs.

I've had the Ipod blasting (not really, just at the right volume). I always have the urge to sing out loud though. I probably could since I walk down a windy road in the sticks! I'm just afraid someone will hear me. LOL I took Third Eye Blind, Dave Matthews, Sheryl Crow, Santana, Goo Goo Dolls and a few others along last night so I'll have to see what gets me moving tonight.

I've been looking for a place to stay in Maine. We're going in a few weeks for our anniversary and it's peak time for foliage. A lot of the Inns require a 2 night stay and we only want to stay Sat. night. We have 16 y.o. issues so one night is plenty to worry about! We have an association meeting for our new vacation property on Sat. so we'll have to leave at about 7 a.m. to get there on time. We're anxious to meet some of our new neighbors! Anyway, it has become a chore to find a one night stay in a nice Inn. I may have to move on to hotels!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A few photos of Maine...

Here are the guys searching for tracks.

This is one of the big moose tracks we saw!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Maine weekend

We had fun with our friends this weekend in Maine. We took them to see our land and the guys had a great time looking for things. They found fresh moose & deer tracks! I felt like we were on a science field trip! My friend and I went down the driveway and found lots of big hunks of mica and quartz. It must be fill from a quarry. Then we walked over to another area which is still our property and found a babbling brook! Very exciting! All in all it was fun even though I ate & drank a little too much. I didn't gain any weight though....whew! I took a few photos but haven't had a chance to upload. Maybe tonight or tomorrow...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Feast One Hundred & Eleven

Friday, September 15, 2006
Feast One Hundred & Eleven

What was the very last song you listened to? Good is Good by Sheryl Crow

What is one company/store/corporation you would recommend that people stay away from? Cingular One - They gave me the worst time and had the worst customer service ever! I'll never use them again.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy having your picture made? Ok, I'm assuming this means having my picture taken? I don't love it...I'd say about 5. I ask to have it taken if it's one of my cousins/relatives or friends from far away because you never know if you'll get the chance again. Most times I just hate the way I look when I get the photos!

Main Course
Besides a bookmark, what is something you've used to keep your place in a book? A piece of ribbon, or one of those annoying subscription cards you find all throughout your magazines!! I have lots of book marks though.

Name a food that you like that most people don't. Hmmm...I don't really like anything weird so I can't figure this one out. I guess I'd have to say anything made with Splenda? I've gotten used to it and most people hate it. Also South Beach foods like cereal, snack bars, etc. and whole wheat wraps!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ugh...what a night.

Got home to grab my checkbook, ran out the door to pick up ds and then to the dermatologist. Ran home to find out our computer crashed. I had photos I haven't uploaded yet and I deleted them off the card!!! I guess we'll just have to go back to Screw Auger Falls and take more photos!! God knows what else was on there.

Anyway, I dined on cheese & crackers while writing up a food list and got that out of the way. Now I have tonight to clean up and pack for the weekend. We're leaving as soon as I get home from work on Fri. night. scrapping for me. I didn't even look in my room! I don't know if I'll have time tonight either.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just another day...

I can't believe we had to turn the heat on last night...Brrrrrrrrrrr! I guess it'll get up to 70 today. Gotta love the ups and downs.

I need to get ready for this weekend. We are heading to Maine to see our friends. We're going to take a ride over to our new purchase of 5 acres and have a nice lunch in Bethel. It should be fun.

I almost scrapped a page last night. I did the one lo a night challenge. All I have to do is maybe embellish & def. journal a little bit. I run out of things to say with high school photos. It's amazing that I basically went from his freshman lo (below) to Christmas & then to his Sophomore lo. There wasn't anything in between to scrap in his book!! I hate that. My kids are growing up too fast.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A recent layout of my 16 yo. SON

Yes, it is a boy!! He had a really bad "do" at the time but what does a mom know?!! He'll hate me for this one later, I'm sure. He's already cut most of it off!

And I should add it's a recent lo but not a recent photo!!


1. How long have you been blogging? since Nov. 2005

2. How many times have you taken a break from blogging? just a couple of days here and there.
3. How long is the longest you've gone, so far, without posting on your blog? again, just a day or two, I think!

4. How many fellow bloggers do you keep in touch with, through your blogs, on a regular basis? a few

5. Have you ever met, in person, a blogger on your blogroll? nope not yet

6. How often do you update/change the 'extra' stuff on your blog? If only I knew how!!! I feel very inadequate as far as my blog set up goes!!
7. Do you think you'll be blogging for years to come? I hope so!

No scrappin' here!

I got home yesterday, threw dinner in the oven, got on the treadmill, got off the treadmill, set the table and ate dinner. Then I was going to head into my room. My 16 yo asked me to come up and look at his laptop. He found this really cool pair of boat shoes (his older brother brought these back in style among their friends). So....he HAD to go to the mall to get them so we could save on shipping. Mind you....these boat shoes are $40 something. I just bought him a nice expensive pair of skateboarding shoes (not the ones you can find on sale at Kohls, the special order online type @ $80 a pop). So anyway, he talked me into it. He's such a brat...knows how to push the right buttons !! We went to the mall, got the shoes and then we had to stop at the pet store for mice bedding and food. Another thing I WAS NOT going to pay for. Ugh...I need a backbone.

I got home around 8:30 and decided to see if there was a movie on since the t.v. was finally free! My mom told me The Mermaid Chair was on the other night so I thought maybe it was on HBO or On Demand. I didn't find it but I watched "In Her Shoes" with Cameron Diaz. It was cute but I didn't get a thing done. This is why I don't watch t.v.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Another weekend gone!!

We went to the wedding on Fri. night. It was fun but we didn't know too many people. I ate WAY too much.

Sat. went to our block party which was a lot of fun. I ate and drank way too much! So....I've put 2 lbs. back on. I was doing really well (lost 24 lbs.). I'm eating a salad today and I'm going to behave!!!!

Sunday I was very lazy. I prepared everything for dinner (marinated steak tips & chicken tips, cut veggies). Poked around the house doing laundry, etc. Then I sat in my sb room and took forever on a 2 pg. lo. I think I was half brain dead!! Then I made a couple of cards.

We had a nice dinner with my mom, 20 y.o. and his gf and my 16 yo. & we celebrated grandparent's day. Then we played a game of LCR or LRC (CRS!!). :0)

My 16 yo came in last night and asked if I could help with his gf's bday. He doesn't work and doesn't do ANYTHING around the house so he gets no allowance. Well, he was sweet about it and I tend to give in when he's nice. So...I told him I'd help. Then I proceeded to show him some cards he could chose from. He loved 2 of them but ended up designing his own. She's going to love it! I'm giving her one of the others. He used the SEI paper with brown & teal (Granny's attic or someone's kitchen?!!). He put a big buckle on it and Amer. Crafts brown/teal striped ribbon with an M for her name. It was very cute!

So....back to work today and it's been horrible. I guess I should get over it and be thankful I have a job, right?~!!!! grrrrr.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen….#11

Denise has presented a challenge to TT’ers for this weeks Edition:
“I would like to challenge all Thirteeners to come up with 13 things they like about themselves.
I feel like we, as women, spend so much time scrutinizing ourselves that we sometimes forget the good stuff.”

Thirteen Things I Like About Myself:

1…..that I’m organized
2…..that I’m hardly ever late
3…..that I'm a good listener
4…..that I can keep a secret
5…..that I'm a loyal friend
6…..that I like to help others
7…..that have thick hair (sometimes I complain!!)
8…..that I am tall
9…..that I'm a decent mom & wife (I hope!!)
10….that I have a good memory for phone numbers
11….that I'm a great shopper
12….that my house is hardly ever messy
13….that can bake a mean banana bread!

I just hope I don't have to list 13 things NOT to like about me!! ;-)

nothing new...

It's been forever since I've been here but there's really nothing new. It's been a total zoo at work since classes started Tuesday.

I had fun at the cookout on Sunday and did NOT behave. I ate a little of each dessert and had some potato salad. I did go back to the diet on Mon. I think I put a pound on.

I'm off tomorrow. We have a wedding tomorrow night and it starts at 6:30. What's with these holiday and Friday weddings?!! I hope my dh can get out of work on time. It's about an hour away from us.

So I guess I need to food shop tonight if there's time. Fri. I have an appt. with a specialist for my ds. so there's no time tomorrow. Saturday we have our annual block party. I have to make my lemon dessert. They won't let me attend without it! jk I think I'll just laze around on Sunday!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Quick card I made...

I read somewhere about how to alter chipboard letters and shapes. It could be CK, PaperCrafts or maybe in an online newsletter. Anyway, I went a little crazy making a gazillion Sizzix daisies with this cute DCWV summer stack paper I got on clearance!!!

Way too busy!!!

Work has been chaotic!!! I need it to slow down but it'll be a few more weeks into the semester. Oh well...nothing else new to post about anyway....except -

I lost another pound!!!!!!! Soooo happy. I just have to hope I don't put any on this weekend. It'll be tough. We have a cookout at my aunt's and I love my family's cooking!!