Monday, September 11, 2006

Another weekend gone!!

We went to the wedding on Fri. night. It was fun but we didn't know too many people. I ate WAY too much.

Sat. went to our block party which was a lot of fun. I ate and drank way too much! So....I've put 2 lbs. back on. I was doing really well (lost 24 lbs.). I'm eating a salad today and I'm going to behave!!!!

Sunday I was very lazy. I prepared everything for dinner (marinated steak tips & chicken tips, cut veggies). Poked around the house doing laundry, etc. Then I sat in my sb room and took forever on a 2 pg. lo. I think I was half brain dead!! Then I made a couple of cards.

We had a nice dinner with my mom, 20 y.o. and his gf and my 16 yo. & we celebrated grandparent's day. Then we played a game of LCR or LRC (CRS!!). :0)

My 16 yo came in last night and asked if I could help with his gf's bday. He doesn't work and doesn't do ANYTHING around the house so he gets no allowance. Well, he was sweet about it and I tend to give in when he's nice. So...I told him I'd help. Then I proceeded to show him some cards he could chose from. He loved 2 of them but ended up designing his own. She's going to love it! I'm giving her one of the others. He used the SEI paper with brown & teal (Granny's attic or someone's kitchen?!!). He put a big buckle on it and Amer. Crafts brown/teal striped ribbon with an M for her name. It was very cute!

So....back to work today and it's been horrible. I guess I should get over it and be thankful I have a job, right?~!!!! grrrrr.

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