Saturday, December 30, 2006

White Stuff.....

It's here, it's here! We finally got snow. Of course, we'll only get 2 inches at most out of this one but it's a start!!

Here's one my 16 yo son took. I took the second one. We were testing out my mom's new camera (I'm so jealous)! It's a little Cannon Powershot SD600. It's tiny and so cute!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Feast One Hundred & Twenty Four

How do you usually celebrate on New Year's Eve? We used to host our Maine and NH friends for the night. Last year we were invited to a neighbors house but I was feeling miserable with a sinus/migrainish headache so we stayed home. This year we are going to attempt to go next door again.

Name one thing unexpected that happened to you in 2006. My son had to have two surgeries - one on his mouth from a punk punching his teeth in, the other for double hernia surgery which was basically caused by a birth defect we never knew existed until he was 16! I hate to focus on the negative - so I'll add that he's fine now!

Where was your favorite place that you visited in 2006? Unfortunately we didn't really go away because my dh was unemployed and ds had to go to summer school. Not a good year all around. We did, however, buy a piece of land in Maine so we visited that a few times.

Main Course
What resolution is your top priority for 2007? Help my dh find a job he likes!! I'm also going back to South Beach in a hurry. I've gained 5 lbs.!!

Using just three words, describe 2006. Not so great! (I know that 07 will be a much better one).

I ......scrapped, I scrapped!!!!

Yeah me! I got a two page lo done and would have finished another 2 pg. but my oldest son came in with his new roommate and gf and I had to make sure they had what they needed. Then my youngest asked me to drive him and his gf across town so by the time I got back the Naproxen kicked in (headache again) and I was wiped out. I did sort through the slab of paper and put it in order by pattern/colors.

Of course, as soon as I got through with the lo, I logged into Snapfish to show my dh photos of Christmas. Something was nagging me so I looked at Thanksgiving 05 which is what I scrapped. WELL.....there were several photos I hadn't ordered that were much better than the ones I got from our friend on Kodakshare. Ugh.....Do I try to rip them off the page and replace, or just get over it?!! I'm finding that it's difficult to remove anyting now that I'm using my ATG. What do you think?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Winding down...

Well, only two days left to my vacation excluding the weekend and I still haven't scrapped. I finished my Christmas Thank you set so now I can move on.

I was going to scrap last night but was talking on the phone to my friend formerly in MI, now in GA. So I cleaned up all of the Christmas stamps, papers, etc. and also trimmed some new SU stamp sets. Now I'm ready to go.

I think I'll go up and pull out my scrap stuff once my photos are done uploading. I'm fighting off a killer headache (migrainish) and hoping it doesn't ruin my New Years Eve.

Last year we were invited to a neighbor's and didn't go because I had a really bad one and I also felt guilty about my mom being home alone. Same thing this year but I think we'll go anyway. I did invite her, she just won't come. TTFN (tata for now).

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


We had a great Christmas. I hope everyone else did too!

It was a little hectic but nice. We went to my neighbors for their open house on Christmas Eve and then came home and relaxed. Everything was wrapped and ready to go. The next morning we opened most of our gifts (my dh, ds and mom).

We headed to my aunt's house in the country and enjoyed my cousins, aunts, uncles. I had cousins in from Washington, DC, NY city and Oregon. I just love spending time with all of them. We had a really nice buffet dinner and then managed to put a few desserts down. We had a delicious dessert wine (Frambois? or something like that) with Godiva chocolates. The wine was a raspberry flavor and after taking a bite of dark chocolate and sipping that, it was delish!

So then we headed home (over an hour drive) and cooked a dinner and apps for my son and his gf who had just arrived from Maine (over 2 hrs.). We opened a bunch more presents and then relaxed with each other. A very nice holiday all around! Hope everyone else's was as good as mine!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Santa photos...

As you can see, I'm hard at work today (hehe). I asked someone to scan these in so I could post. They're of me and me and my brother with Santa a LONG time ago! I needed something to put me in the Christmas spirit.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Got this from Dina - 6 Weird Things About Me


1. I hate to be late so often times I send out a card or package a week early because I thought it was the week it was due. Or I rush around trying to get a gift or make a card when I have another week to go. I call the dr. if I'm EVER late for an appt. to let them know I'm on my way.

2. I can't stand clutter and it drives me crazy when others in my house (my mom or boys) leave things on the counter instead of putting them away!!

3. I am facinated by giraffes!!

4. I have to shower, wash my hair and definitely shave my legs EVERY day. I cannot stand the feeling of stubble!!

5. I have compassion and want to help total strangers - like the lady I see every day walking the opposite direction as I'm driving to work. She must walk at least 5 miles and I want to turn around and pick her up to take her whereever she's going but I know she'd think I was a freak!!

6. I'm sometimes a closet eater!! LOL - not really in the closet but I do hide.


Last night I made my iced popcorn (3 c. cheerios, 3 c. buttered popcorn, red & green m&m's, 1/2 jar of dry roasted peanuts, 2 bags white chocolate chips. Melt chips and stir into mix until coated. Dry on wax paper - YUM).

I finished a few cards (Sp.Ed. teacher, son's friend, co-worker), packaged up the iced popcorn and white trash into these cute little Basic Grey take out boxes, and finished a retirement card (below) for my aunt. Her party is tonight.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Feast One Hundred and Twenty Two

What was your very first job with a paycheck? I worked at Nature Food Centers factory during my senior year of high school. I went there directly after school and worked every day as a packer. Then I was promoted to assembler over lots of full time people. They didn't like me too much!! But it was funny. Two of my friends worked there full time and he was the one who taped up the boxes and sent them out. So....I used to put some carob chips or pistachios in the bin with my order so that he had something to eat!

Did you ever lose something really important to you? Recently I lost my earrings that my Grandmother gave me. They're not expensive but mean a lot since she's gone. I was very close to her. Anyway, I said a prayer to St. Anthony (she was famous for that) and found them!!

What is the best Christmas present you ever received? Oooh, that's a tough one. I'm not really sure!

Main Course
Tell about a favorite "hang out" place for you and your friends when you were in high school. Well, I can't say I behaved a lot in high school. We used to hang out "down the tracks". It was an area near the railroad tracks in our little town where we used to sit around smoking cigarettes and sometimes drinking beer. Not something to be proud of, I know! LOL

Name something that always brings a smile to your face. I have several photos of my boys when they were little. One in particular is my favorite. We used to take photos of them in their pj's while they were sitting on the recliner. One of them is soooooo cute! My youngest was probably 2 or 3 and was laughing as always - something he doesn't do much of these days, and my oldest (6 at the time) had his arm around my little one like he was so proud of his little brother. When I'm feeling down, I look at this photo sitting on my night stand and I smile.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Good news?

Well, at least temporarily. My dh didn't lose his job yesterday. He is seriously looking though. The meeting was nothing about performance! grrrrr....I worried all day for nothing.

I got a big chunk of cards signed, stuffed, labeled and stamped last night. I dropped them off this morning. Now I just have to do my neighbors (20) and a few others.

Funny thing, well not really. I was procrastinating again last night and decided I'd make a couple more cards, just in case. So I went into my room (love it there) and made the cards. I finally talked myself into going into the family room to do the other cards. I grabbed my water bottle and it squirted out onto the two cards I made and ruined them!!! I guess it's my own fault. Oh well...I had fun making them.

So I'll finish the cards tonight and make the rest of the apps and pack tomorrow night.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


First of all, I got started late. My dh has employment issues and wanted to talk. I'm really nervous today that he'll be let go or that he'll quit. He had a meeting this a.m. with his boss. Ugh.....I'm waiting for the phone call.

Anyway, I took my cards to the living room, turned the t.v. on and ot a bunch of them signed but I could only do the blue. Someone stole my gold pen!! My mom claims she doesn't have it but she's the only one who borrows. She has to sign all of her cards with the proper color ink! I'm sure she didn't do it on purpose but now I have to go out and buy a new one today. No biggy, just a hold up. Thanks for the suggestion, Kathy! So I got a few labeled, stuffed and sealed but not a big dent in the pile! Tonight for sure!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I need a boost of energy...

I have to get my Christmas cards addressed, signed and stuffed tonight! I hate that part. I also have to make a 50th bday card for this weekend. We are heading to Maine for my friend's surprise party. I have to make a bunch of apps to bring. Luckily I have some things in the freezer like spinach squares and apple cheesecake squares.

I'm so excited! We are going to close the office for Christmas week! Yippppeeee!! I've never had Christmas week off! Can't wait. Maybe I can get some scrapbooking done?!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

A few of my favorite things.....

We finally decorated the house with some of my favorite things - my Snowbabies and lots of other things.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Feast One Hundred & Twenty One

Which language would you like to learn and why? Hawaiian because I love the way it sounds! And I love the happy attitudes of Hawaiians!

What's the funniest thing you've heard or read so far this week? A friend filled out one of those email surveys and said she blew a whistle in the phone because she thought it was a telemarketer and it was her dr.'s office!!!

Which movie was so bad you couldn't watch the whole thing? Too many to list! I'm not a big movie fan. And if only I could remember the name of ONE to list! hehe

Main Course
If there were a holiday in your honor that didn't use your actual name, what would the day be called? Shells Scrapstampin Day

Name one movie which is coming out soon that you would like to see.Happy feet maybe?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

ahhh....good news for a change!

The other day my mom was told that her office was closing. My husband hates his job and wants to quit. I was so excited to hear GOOD news today. My son called to say he is doing really well in school this term. Progress reports come out tomorrow. He seemed so happy. He hasn't been that way in a long time. He's been through a lot this year with 2 surgeries but has put us through a lot as well.

I thought he was going to ask for something after the news. Nothing. So I'm sitting at my desk waiting for the other foot to drop and I got an email from his Sp.Ed. teacher telling me the same thing! I'm so happy. He seemed truly happy that one of his teachers said he was smart and could do a little better with more studying. I will boost his ego later and hope to God it gets him through this year and next. I hope it's not just a fluke....

Now I feel I have the energy to get my holiday things done. Oh, and I am taking a vacation day on Monday to finish up everything ! is good. Hope you're getting your things done too!


Free Image Hosting at

I'm trying to get in the Christmas spirit. Here's an ornament my son's gf's mom made me. Can't wait to put it on the tree!

I broke down at lunch and bought a box of cards!

Full speed ahead

I'm on full speed ahead mode today! Met my SU rep at ACM and got the goods, picked up a few small things and also a cooked chicken from the grocery store and a container of mashed potatoes. I just didn't have time to cook.

Ran home, got the dinner ready and ripped through the SU stuff. Ran out the door with a couple of the neighbors' stuff, dropped it off. Went to Home Depot and got our Christmas tree. We weren't thrilled with the selection but didn't have time to go anywhere else. I don't even care anymore. I just want it up and done.

So then I got home, went through the other stuff so I could drop the bags to the ladies at the bus stop. Check, that's done and all the orders except one are out of my house.

Tonight I have to run from work to a hair appt. which I will barely make on time. Then to ACM to return something I bought last night! Then I plan on helping dh get the tree in the stand so that it's ready to be decorated by this weekend. HOpefully I can finish a few cards as well.

As I tell my good friend all the time.....Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. You can get through it!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bah Humbug!

I just can't seem to get out of my own way on my Christmas cards. I tied the double ribbons (PIA) on my 30 cards last night and made a couple of other designs to break up the monotny. I'm seriously thinking I'll buy a box today to make up for the other 30 I still need. I just don't have it in me right now.

I still have to decorate, get a tree, etc. Tonight I have to meet my SU rep to pick my order up (shipped to NH to save taxes!). Tomorrow night I have a hair appt. including a desperately needed highlight so I'll be there a while. Ugh...I'll never get it all done.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Quick card I made with my cricut mini monograms


I thought it was going to be a productive weekend. I was too stressed to go to book club on Fri. night because I had so many things on my list. So I went food shopping and got some card pieces done instead. Sat. I went to the mall quickly to get my free Victoria's Secret panties and my hairspray. Then I saw a sign at NY & Co. about $10 scarves, belts and tees. So I had to check it out. Then I decided to call my son who works at the mall. I wanted to see if his gf would wear any of the items. He met me there before work and we shopped. It was nice but I did not pick up any of the $10 items. She's all done now. I bought her some cute clogs at Amer. Eagle and one of those CK All About Me Albums. I may get a gift card too. Anyway, it took me a lot longer than I expected.

We were supposed to pull everything down from the attic but that didn't happen. I don't even know what went on the rest of the day but I did a few more card pieces (key word - pieces, not full cards).

Sunday my dh had his band practice and I don't know where my time went. I went online for a bit and I went on the treadmill. I balanced two checking statements and then made my casserole for dinner. Then we pulled everything down from the attic but didn't get time to decorate. Didn't have the umph to do it either! Once again, I got pieces done on cards. I did get a big group of ribbons tied so the second set of 30 is done. I just can't come up with a design to get another 30 done fast! Maybe later. Not tonight though. I have a Lia Sophia party to go to!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Feast One Hundred & Twenty

Have you ever flown in a helicopter? No. I wanted to when I went to Kauai but no one would go with me!

What color is your warmest coat or jacket? Light blue and Gray - It's my snowmobiling jacket!

What is your favorite rainy day activity? Scrapbooking or Rubber Stamping. Is there anything else?!!

Main Course
Describe your hands. They are semi big (size Large gloves) with big knuckles. My natural nails are decent but my hands would not make it in a commercial!

If you could eat only one nut for the rest of your life, what nut
would you pick? Oh, I love nuts but I'd have to say pecans are my favorite! I love pistachios, walnuts, almonds, cashews, macadamias, hazelnuts, peanuts. YUM. The only one I don't like is Brazil nuts.