Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009


I've been working on a set of golf cards. It's a thank you for my aunt who gave my son a bunch of furniture. I need to print out some sentiments since I can't find my "Have a Swinging Day" stamp. I need a few Have a Par-fect Day, Fore You, Hope your day is Tee-rific, etc.

I was posting a FB note to Jennifer O. who was the "Chalk Lady" from Fairy Tale Creations until she sold the company. I was saying how I use my cloud template a lot. She laughed and said she hadn't used it in years. I said I had a few friends that use them too and she couldn't believe it. I told her how big clouds are in cardmaking right now and she had no idea. I don't think she's a card maker, she's a scrapper. Anyway, it's so nice to have something come back after a few years. This is why I have a time getting rid of stuff! LOL

Anyway, I will print out my sentiments and finish these another day. I didn't even adhere some of them. I had the day off but ended up helping my aunt move the rest of her stuff out (mostly trips to the dumpster). I had a nice lunch with my hubby and then stamped. Whew! I'm pooped.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another flower card...

I wasn't sure about the purple card for the coworker so I made another with completely different colors - SU Certainly Celery (my all time fav color), Tempting Turquoise and Regal Rose (I think?). This is an image that I had from stamp camp WAY back when. I love this set and wish I bought it. Anyway, I still haven't worked up the guts to color in with Copics. This paper wasn't great anyway. I pulled out the old reliable Prismas & Gamsol. This color combo is more me. I have no idea what that little squiggly is beneath the sentiment. It's not on the cs any more!

So I brought both cards in and showed them to my co-worker. I asked which one looked like the birthday girl and she picked the purple one. I guess I wasn't far off.

I also finished 2 monograms for the O set. Now all I have to do tonight is make one more and the cover. I need to deliver these on Sun. a.m. so I better make time tonight.

We are off to Maine for a ride tomorrow. We'll just drive up and back but it'll be nice to get out of Dodge. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Squinting this morning...

Ok, I got a peek of the sun but now it looks nasty where I am. I hope it's just passing clouds because they did promise sun today. I was hoping to dust off my sunglasses. My flowers really need some sunshine to soak up some of the water and I need some vitamin D!!

I made this for a co-worker last night. I am not nuts about the colors. I was trying to make it with her in mind but she's really not a purply person. I hate that I obsess about it. Just make it and give it to them, right?! She is more of a blue person though.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some stampin'....

I made myself stamp last night. I refused to log into Facebook until I had a few things done.

So I went to work stamping a bunch of golf bags and other images from stamps I borrowed from my neighbor. I want to make a set of golf bday cards for my aunt as a thank you. I will get to those maybe this weekend but at least I got the images done so I can return the stamps. The only problem is that I cannot find my "Have a Swinging Day" stamp anywhere! It must have fallen behind something. It's fairly small.

Anyway, I still owe a set of monograms to my cousin for her daughter. I managed to whip out three of them. These babies are so easy. The biggest issue is finding ink to match my Memory Box cards and cs to match the scrap paper I've been using. Luckily I have been finding something close in the stash that Linda sent me. Thanks, Linda! The pile has gone down quite a bit but I still have a big bin left. And, Betsy, I'm really using up the scraps! Recognize any? ;-) Thanks to you too!

A Sticky Situation....

A few nights ago I was having trouble sleeping. I finally dozed off and woke to a loud THUD at 4 a.m. At first I thought someone broke in. Then I thought maybe one of the boys fell out of bed. My son often brings friends home to sleep and my hubby refers to them as borders. Anyway, I could not get back to sleep and was exhausted all day. My hubby walked into the kitchen while I was making my salad. He said, "Wow, look at that!" I looked in the back yard and there was a fat stick that must have fallen from WAY up in the tree. It went right into the ground. So that was the source of the THUD.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blog Candy to check out....

Go to KL Stampin N Scrappin Blog and check out the yummy candy!! The card and set is so cute! I need that with my musicians. ;-)

Sorry to be MIA. I will try to stay of FB tonight and STAMP!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Betwine the lines....

I finished a birthday card for my BIL who doesn't always open his cards until after his birthday. How do you not take the time to open something like a card in the mail? I guess I'm just not busy enough. I know they're busy with 4 kids and all the activities but still...I get disappointed when we call and he still hasn't gotten to it.

So....I made it pretty simple with no bumps. I'm so sick of going to the post office for hand stamps and extra postage! The stamp is The Cats Pajamas. I love that saying (yes, I just used it in my previous post).

Then I made a Father's Day card for dh from me. I pulled out the twine AGAIN. I guess I must have too much twine and I'm trying to use it up. LOL

His is simple too. I used this cute gardening Riley that my friend Pia or Kristen gave to me way back during an image swap. So thanks to whoever gave it to me. The sentiment is CTMH. I used this week's SCS sketch on this one. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A monkey off my back....

Well, I finally finished my monkey card!! It took forever, I just couldn't get it together. I was interrupted a few times by dh wanting me to come and look at something on his laptop.

I colored this cute Dustin Pike image in with Prismas & Gamsol. If you haven't seen his adorable digi images, you need to check them out! I used some textured cs that I think is Bazzill, but I really have no clue. The sentiment is by the Cats Pajamas. I just love that sentiment and it seemed to fit with the image ok. Thanks for looking. I need to kick it up a notch and get a ton of cards done this weekend if I can. I'm so far behind!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Limited time....

I had to do a few things after dinner (pay bills online, install my camera software on the new laptop, etc.). It seriously limited my stamping time. I had to get a Father's Day card in the mail today for my dad. I don't know why but his mail is SO slow. It's only going to NH but it takes more than 4 days. I just don't get it. Must be his powdunk post office!

Anyhoo, I just made a quick and simple card. He's a basic kind of guy. I colored in with blender pens and SU Riding Hood Red and then painted shimmerz over it in Royal Red and Silver. Like I said....very basic. I know I should have put some brads or something else on but I didn't. He'll never know the difference! LOL

Monday, June 15, 2009

Christening card for my cousin...

I really wanted to make one of those cute little dresses that you see on SCS. I finally sat down to do this one on Sat. It's totally CASED from SCS talented ladies.

I had a hard time because I didn't have the right circle to punch in the center of the scalloped circle. I only have a CM circle punch. So I folded my paper in half, punched the half circle, opened it up and then punched the scalloped circle around it.

Anyway, the card was a total hit. I did tell them it wasn't my idea, just my version of someone else's great idea! I had to put pink paper behind it because you could barely see the white on white!

I had a great time at the christening party. I got to hold the baby finally. It's hard with so many aunties around! She's a beautiful little girl and so good! She was passed around from person to person and never really wimpered at all.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Still no stamping.....

I cannot win lately. I haven't stamped one little bit. I've had something every night. What happened to my nice calm life?!! I have several June birthdays to do and a christening card this weekend. I really hope I can sit down and stamp either later tonight or tomorrow. I also have to make spinach squares for Sunday. My family can't live without them! LOL

Anyway, Happy Friday!! Hope you've had more time than I have! Did I say I hate this time of year?!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Train stop....

I wish this fast moving train would stop so I could get off! I used to have such a calm life. I work, get home and cook dinner and head to my stamp/scrap room. On weekends I clean, look at houses, and stamp when I have time. These days I can't even pick up my book for a few minutes. I've been running around like crazy to a lot of family functions. I've had fun but I haven't had any down time.

Anyway, it's my mom's 70th today. We took her out to dinner (15 of us - sisters, nieces and daughter). We had a fun time. The waitress remarked at how young my mom and her sisters look. They really do! My mom works out just about every day and she works part-time to keep herself busy. She can easily outdo me at partying! LOL She doesn't read this but I thought I'd post her pic anyway. I didn't have one of her alone. She's on the right and her eldest sister is on the left. I believe she's 74. Amazing, aren't they?! HB, Mom!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

A bunch of things...

What a week it's been. My cousin's aunt passed away (my aunt's SIL). They are coming up from MD for the services. I will be going to the wake today. I was supposed to go to my other cousin's engagement party tomorrow. Now I may be having a cookout for my MD cousins who roll out the red carpet when we visit. I feel so bad that they have no place to go and none of us will be around because of the engagement party. So I offered not to go and have them at my house. I'm not sure what will happen yet. I need to be prepared so I am running like a chicken today on my day off. I have until about 2 p.m.

Anyway, I stamped with the girls last night and it was fun. My neighbor concocted a delish sangria for use to put us in the mood! LOL I thought the cards were cute. I'll save my lame-o one for last. Here are the cards:

Ok, I don't have time to fix this. I saved it the right way but it flips when I post. You get the idea. This was my favorite!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


It's a good thing no one is reading because I haven't had anything to post about! LOL

We had two showings last night so my mom ended up taking us to dinner. Yay! I love not having to cook. Then we got home and my oldest stopped by for a visit with his good friend.

I'm trying to come up with a project for Thurs. because I'm getting together with two other women to stamp. I don't know one of them so it'll be fun meeting someone new. I think I'll stick with an easy card for the first night. We are all coming with the supplies to make 3 cards. I'm looking forward to getting ideas from others. It should be fun.

Monday, June 01, 2009

A stampless weekend...

I am starting to have withdrawals. I didn't stamp once during the weekend! I had to work on Sat. for a good part of the day so I relaxed when I got home. Had dinner & a few margaritas with my hubby and went to bed. Sun. I had to clean in the a.m. because we had a showing.

During the showing we went to look at a new laptop and tvs for future reference. Our computer crashed and we lost everything. This has happened a few times and you would think we'd learn and back up our system. NOT. We lost a few pictures, my husband's work documents, etc. It's not devastating, just annoying. I'm very lucky to have someone who will diagnose and rebuild, if necessary. That's what we're waiting on now. The computer is kind of old though so when it goes the next time, it's being tossed. My hubby wants a laptop so it's just him (and me sometimes) using it.

Anyhoo, no stamping for me. I need to get moving on another monogram set to deliver this weekend! I did price out a bunch of stuff for my lss yard sale, which also has to be delivered that this weekend.