Monday, June 01, 2009

A stampless weekend...

I am starting to have withdrawals. I didn't stamp once during the weekend! I had to work on Sat. for a good part of the day so I relaxed when I got home. Had dinner & a few margaritas with my hubby and went to bed. Sun. I had to clean in the a.m. because we had a showing.

During the showing we went to look at a new laptop and tvs for future reference. Our computer crashed and we lost everything. This has happened a few times and you would think we'd learn and back up our system. NOT. We lost a few pictures, my husband's work documents, etc. It's not devastating, just annoying. I'm very lucky to have someone who will diagnose and rebuild, if necessary. That's what we're waiting on now. The computer is kind of old though so when it goes the next time, it's being tossed. My hubby wants a laptop so it's just him (and me sometimes) using it.

Anyhoo, no stamping for me. I need to get moving on another monogram set to deliver this weekend! I did price out a bunch of stuff for my lss yard sale, which also has to be delivered that this weekend.

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