Friday, July 31, 2009

Wow, is all I can say....

You HAVE to check out this blog candy. It's amazing!!!!! Go to Pricilla Styles for a chance to win this. Now I'm off to see her creations!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My friend sent me this image and I just love it. I'm not sure who makes it but it must be the same co. who made the one a few posts back (woman on chaise lounge).

Anyway, I had fun coloring her in with Copics. I just found this Bo Bunny paper at the lss for .10 and thought I would give it a try. And this is one of my favorite ribbons too. It reminded me of her hair. This is so easy to tie because it's stretchy. I think I *need* to find some more!!

I think she looks like she's saying something really sarcastic but I wasn't sure what. I have the SU Amazing to Zany set and I never use it. I found terrific and a few others that may work (amazing, marvelous, Hey!). I went with terrific. I can see myself saying that on a bad day.

Thanks for looking. ** Edited**


My back yard has had some action lately. First my son saw a moose about a week ago. I missed it, of course! Then my hubby ran upstairs this morning to tell me that there was a coyote out back. Nope, he went into the woods before I could catch a glimpse.

We used to see deer but not lately. One morning we woke to eleven deer right outside my family room. I got pictures and a video but the pictures may have been lost when our computer crashed a while back.

Anyway, nothing to post about. I was too tired to stamp last night.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Fun...

I found this adorable freebie digi stamp at Digital Delights. She has adorable images and gives a free one on Fridays.

This is what I'd love to be doing! I have no idea what I'll do with this card, I just thought she was so cute and just had to color in. I used SU Regal Rose and the rest are non-SU. I think the printed paper is Junkitz and the green is Bazzill Bling. The sentiment is a $1 stamp and it was made with the double circle around it. It looks like I double stamped! Still practicing with the Copics.

Thanks for looking!

No crafting....

Sorry I've been MIA, and boring when I'm here! I did not sit at my desk once this weekend. I guess it's a good thing I got my July and Aug. cards done early, huh?!

We spent the day rearranging the furniture trying to get my family room to look bigger. Not sure if we accomplished that but it looks decent.

I hope I have time to stamp tonight. I'm starting to have withdrawals....

Friday, July 24, 2009

$$ update...

Well, unfortunately the part for the furnace and the visit came to $470. There's another issue but the guy told my dh he could handle it. So he bought the parts yesterday. It needs to be fixed before we need heat again. And the way the weather has been, it could be soon. We've been getting torrential downpours since early morning and it was cool out yesterday and cloudy. It just won't quit! This is not July.

Nothing else to post about. I got my hair cut last night so I didn't have time for crafting or much of anything by the time I got home and ate dinnner.

p.s. Thanks a bunch, Linda! I cringe every time I wear that color. I feel like a cone! I'm not a yellow or orange person and I think it looks awful on me but I suppose it's not as bad with a little color from the sun.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Losing it....

Between Blogger and Facebook, I can't remember what I've done. I guess I posted most of my photos on Facebook and thought it was here. I'll just post a quick pic of a great meal we had and be done. And if this is a repeat, I apologize!

We ate at a restaurant on the water in downtown Bar Harbor (can't get theah from heah! hahaha). They had a lobster claw dinner and we both got that. I think they gave us 6 claws! It also came with corn on the cob and fries for dh and garlic mashed potatoes for me. I was in Heaven! Oh yeah, and don't forget the Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale! We did not intentionally match. I never wear orange but my mom bought me this top.

I got back to work Monday and it was a pretty easy day. Got caught up between Mon. & Tues. and took today off. I had a friend coming over to scrap so I lugged all my stuff upstairs Mon. night so I was ready after work. I got a call on Tues. for a Wed. showing. I realized it wasn't possible to lug all my stuff back down and also clean up the house, when my friend probably wouldn't leave until after 11 and I get up at six. So....I took the bull by the horns and asked my boss for another vacation day Wed.!

Today I basically finished up my pages (titles and journaling), did laundry, etc. and then got a call for a showing tomorrow. I've just about had it. My hubby will have to deal with that one. He came home from work, asked why it was so warm in the house, adjusted the a/c and realized the furnace is not working!! He's now on the phone with a repairman. I seriously hope that we don't have to replace it before selling!!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last day....

What a perfect day it was! The weather was gorgeous and I did nothing but plunk my butt in my favorite chaise lounge. I got a little too much sun though. I read and got through all the backlog of magazines I had. I even browsed the SU catalog. My hubby cooked a delish dinner (beer can chicken, corn on the cob, baked potato). I came down to the basement and stamped a couple of cards and now my vacation is officially over. :-( We had a great time though! I never got the chance to post more pix. Maybe tomorrow night?!

Here are two quick cards. I used a Amy Rysavy sketch on the first. I used SU raspberry tart paper & cs. The second image came from a good friend. I have no idea who makes it but she's so funny! I used SU dp on that too. I can't remember the names and don't have time to look. I kept them both pretty simple. I can't believe I made two cards without ribbon or flowers!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Going backwards....

Here's another day of photos, ok well just a few. This was at Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, ME.

Sand Beach - this was gorgeous but very cold! I had a sweatshirt on and nearly went into shock when the water touched my toes. The temps were 65-70 and it was windy.

This was at Jordan Pond. We ate at a really nice restaurant and this was the view. We had Maine Crab Cakes and popovers here. Yum!

They had outdoor seating which would have been great if we weren't so cold! We opted for the dining room which was quaint.

There was a really nice overlook with lots of rocks to climb on and a cave below. Unfortunately all the photos had us washed out because of the sun.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another monkey card....

I am trying to get a jump on August birthdays so I made a quick one for my nephew in MI. I forget how old he'll be but I'm guessing 8? Anyway, it's nothing spectacular but it's done. I used Dustin Pike's monkey again. I just love this guy! And my nephew is a little monkey so it's appropriate. Thanks for looking, but don't look too close. I don't know what paper I used but it bled a bit.

p.s. I have a funny - remember how I posted about losing my mother and several people were ready to strangle me when they realized I meant my sentiment stamp? Well, I pulled out my (?) circle cutter by Cutterpede just before vacation and there was my mother stuck in one of the tracks! LOL I was so happy to find her! I found something else but now I can't remember. I'm still looking for my "Have a Swinging Day" stamp.

Delish candy....

You have to go and check out my friend, Kristen's adorable Robot card and leave a comment for a chance to win the adorable stamps!! Kristen makes the cutest cards! I miss going to her house for workshops.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm back from Maine....

Did you miss me? No, I didn't think so! LOL We went up to Maine for a few days and stayed in Bar Harbor. We went to Acadia National Park a few times and downtown Bar Harbor, then on to Camden and Rockland today.

We had some amazing food - fried clams, lobster rolls, lobster claw dinner, fried scallops, Maine crab cakes, popovers and blueberry ice cream! Yum... I'll have to go on a strict diet come Monday.

Here are a few photos from today. We went to Mount Battie at Camden Hills State Park. It was at the summit looking down at a pretty harbor. Then we drove on to Rockland to the Breakwater Lighthouse. The jetty is a mile out and back and there is a lighthouse at the end. It was unbelievable!!

I'm really tired so I think I'll just start out with this and maybe post Acadia/Bar Harbor photos tomorrow. I have the rest of the week off and I'm happy just to relax!

The end...whew!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Christmas in July....

Ok, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a Christmas card. This is the cutest image. I don't remember what company makes it but I do remember that my good friend, Mary, sent me some of these images because I said I loved it when commenting on one of her gorgeous cards. Thanks, Mary!!

I got a card from one of my good online friends and she used this punch and stamp so I CASEd hers and added the snowflakes & ribbon. Thanks, Tracy!! My hubby noticed the card sitting on my desk and he commented about what a nice card it was. I told my friend and she was surprised that he even noticed. My hubby definitely appreciates homemade cards and is interested in looking at them. I guess maybe it's because he has that creative/artsy brain. I made this to tuck away for him since he loved the image so much. Every time she sends me a card, it catches his eye! She makes really cute ones!

I didn't do a great job with the Copics. I painted over them with Shimmerz. I used Coal, Royal Red, Angel Wings and Blue. My cs is SU Pacific Point & Riding Hood Red and the ribbon is Riding Hood Red. I love this ribbon because it's so easy to tie! Thanks for looking!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Crissy's Blog Candy...

Wow, you need to check out this blog. She's very talented and she has some delicious blog candy! There are lots of High Hopes stamps for the taking. Go and check out Crissy's blog!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Put your shades on.....

This is a bright card!! I don't usually make cards this bright but I had these scalloped cards I wanted to use and the paper I had only matched the pink so I went from there. My Copic colors aren't perfect for the papers but they're pretty close. The cake stamp is from The Cats Pajamas and I used my SU scalloped & sm. oval punches. I don't remember who makes the sentiment. It could be savvy stamps.

Anyway, it was crazy weather wise here today. I certainly didn't need my shades. I wore sandals because I thought we'd have some showers. HA!! I went to lunch (Mike's for ribbon) and then came back and sat in my car reading for a bit because it came down so hard and there was thunder and lightening. So I finally made a break for the building but my feet were soaked when I got in. Then my hubby called to say we had ice in the back yard. Apparently there was some hail that I didn't see but it's still out there! Crazy.

Thanks for looking! Hope you stayed dry.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Grateful to our Soldiers...

I cannot believe how fast my vacation day went. I did a few household things and then my hubby took me for an ice cream at lunch time. I came back and made two cards and it's after 5:00!

I made this for our friends' son who is in Afghanistan. I said Iraq by mistake previously. I just wanted to say hello and tell him how grateful we were for what they are doing.

I bought this hot air balloon, by B Line Designs, with my credits from the lss yard sale. I love hot air balloons. It's not the perfect balloon because it's kind of hard to color those little tiny images on the guy and all that, but they only had two at the store and the other had two balloons and was bigger than this one. I have a tough time with big images. The sentiment is CTMH.

I made sure I kept it flat. I don't want to hold it up any further. I intended to send it to get there by July 4th. I colored in with Copics and used various unknown scraps of paper. I think the two textured papers are Bazzill and the printed could be DCWV. Thanks for looking!

Day off....

I'm so happy to have another day off! This week will be a short 4 days and then I'm on vacation next week! Yay.

I had a nice fourth weekend but I didn't see any fireworks! Well, maybe I did. First my son and his buddy came over for lunch. He was dying for my potato salad and homemade burgers. He was eating the potato salad and then informed me that there were a few crunchy ones in there. Oooops! When I started to cut them up, I noticed there was one or two not quite done in the middle so I put them in a pan and reboiled. I guess I missed one. It was good anyway and he loved the burger.

Then we had friends over for dinner and everything came out great. My hubby confiscated firecrackers from my son several years ago and he pulled out the little container that was hidden all that time. He started to light up a few and the fizzled out. One was really loud so he kept going. They pretty much were duds so that was the end of his fun! LOL

I plan on getting some stamping done today even though it's gorgeous out! I spent yesterday in the sun (my bad) and got a little sunburn. I just felt the need to soak up whatever I could before the rain comes again!

Anyway, I need to get a few things done around the house and then make a card for a soldier who is our friends' son who is in Iraq. Hope everyone had a good fourth!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dogwood tree...

The rain kind of stopped for a bit so I popped my head out the door to take a photo of my pretty dogwood tree. This is the first year the flowers have turned pink. I had no idea dogwoods did this. It's always been white. It's so pretty when I drive up to the house. It's getting too big and really needs to be trimmed but it's so pretty!! You can see the hydrangeas coming out just below the tree too. Now if we could just get some sun!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Finished with golf....

I've had enough of the golf cards! Finally finished the sentiments, inside and out, and the embellishments. They're pretty simple but I'm happy that they are done.
Sorry to repost but I didn't do anything else!

Can I say again, I love my SU punches!!! As much as I love my Nesties, there's nothing like punching out an image really quick. Can't wait to try the Oval All set.

Lots done...

Last night I unpacked my SU order (small but good). I ended up getting the scalloped oval punch which I absolutely love! I also got a circle punch (I forget what size). I emailed someone at Just-Rite to see what I needed to cut out the monograms. I'm so tired of messing around with the CM cutter to get almost the right size. Well, guess what? Either she told me the wrong one or I ordered the wrong one. It's too small for the image. The good news is I can use it for my other round stamps like Riveting and a few clear sets I have. I got some dp, Oval All stamp set and a few other things. I've already started my list for next time.

So I used my scalloped oval punch to cut out some cute sayings for the golf cards. I added ribbon, a few brads, flowers, etc. and I have 5 or 6 done. I think I'll make it a small set this time. I'm done with golf!!

I am so looking forward to this long weekend. I have Fri. and Mon. off. Yippeeeee!