Monday, October 26, 2009

An attempt at stamping...

This card isn't really posting worthy but I wanted to say I DID make an attempt at stamping this weekend. Got my blender pen at Mike's and they also had clear stamps at 40% off. Yay! You know I couldn't resist that so I got a flower set that has different messages for the middle and stems and all that. It's cute. I used the Hello from that set but I didn't adhere because I don't like it. I plan on stamping "deepest sympathy" when and if I ever get to my stamps in storage. The flower was a digi stamp and I used my blender pen to color in the flower part and Copics for the stem. I love these SU In Color and designer papers! What was I thinking when I didn't pack brads, flowers, ribbons? I just got this ribbon so I had to make it work.

Forgot to add that the digi stamp is from Crafting in Croatia.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Katie's Candy....

I've been following Katie at Both Sides of the Paper for a while now. I first *met* her on a scrapbook message board that we both frequent. She's a talented cardmaker and alterer. She is giving away some blog candy so go on and visit for a chance to win!

A no pumpkin fall....

Sorry I've been MIA but I have nothing happy to post! Still no closing date but it will be Nov. 30. Wow, exciting. It better be MUCH before. My attorney is working on it. I'm missing the little house decorations - the mums, pumpkins outside, the cute tin jack-o-lanterns, the glass pumpkin jar filled with orange and black treats, you get the picture. I don't even know if I'll have trick-or-treaters. I better have a bag, just in case. There could be a few little kids in the building but others can't get in.

I need to buy some thank you cards, embarrassing as it is. I did the ALS walk on Saturday and I need to thank those who sponsored me. I usually pull out my Just Rite stamps and spell out ALS Walk around the circle and thank you inside. Anyway, the walk was gorgeous even though it was a bit cold. The leaves were so pretty around the lake. Here's a photo of my aunt, me, my cousin and my stepcousin.

I'm home sick today. I still have the cough from last weekend and it will not stop at night. I've barely slept in three days so my boss told me to sleep in. I tried. It lasted an hour and then I started coughing. My head is pounding and my eyes sting from lack of sleep. I'm going to read on the couch next to see if that works. I always fall asleep reading...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Misc. mumbles...

Well, what a weird weekend we had. It snowed yesterday! It didn't stick because it rained first.

My hubby had band so I was going to stay home and do laundry. I went out to put money on the laundry card, get some groceries and pick up my Stampin Up Order. Got the groceries and my Stampin Up stuff and headed into the office building in the rain. The machine was out of order. I about screamed at that point. I am having so many issues with the temporary living. Would you believe they were going to clean the place every OTHER week?! We were told weekly. Am I supposed to sleep on the same sheets for TWO weeks?!! I flipped. They came over to clean and said they would be doing it weekly for us. That's because I told them I'd be finding a new place and moving out.

Anyway, I gave up on laundry. I wasn't going to go to the laundry mat and spend $5 per load.

Oh yeah, and my son called after the one trip out. He asked me to bring him some food to work at the mall.

I decided to pull out the small stamping bag I brought. I was anxious to use my new In Colors. I didn't end up doing a thing because my Copics didn't match the In Colors and all I had was images to color in. I think I'll get a blender pen or two today to see if I can color in some images.

Sorry for the scattered rantings.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fluke or a sign of what's ahead.....

It is snowing in MA this morning. I'm not happy that it may ruin our pretty leaves!! I hope it's just a fluke and not a sign of the winter ahead. We need to hurry up and get into our new house (promising signs) and get things done! We need a shed which means we need to have gravel delivered, we need to expand the driveway for our fleet of vehicles, winterize the sprinkler system, etc. It doesn't look like we'll get in before 11/1. I'm ok with that as long as it's not much longer than that. I'd love to be completely settled in by Thanksgiving.

This is out the back of our temporary apartment. Not sure if you can see the snow coming down. It's pretty but if you look to the other sides, it's city. I'm definitely a country girl.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A little better....

Well, I got a decent sleep last night and feel somewhat better. The bank is trying to work with us on the house so it may not be scrapped altogether. The waiting is what kills though.

We lost all hope and started looking at brand new houses the other day since non of the previously owned were working, or if they work, they're short sales. Anyway, it sounds like there is a possibility after all but I'm not holding my breath.

It's amazing how discombobulated you feel after living in the same house for 14 yrs. and then you're dumped in this two bedroom apt. I don't have stupid things like my little milk container to take to work for my cereal. I cannot find it. I swear I packed it in my car. I'm buying a new one just as soon as I can get to the store. There are a lot bigger things but this is one little annoying one. The laundry isn't easy either!! I run down the three flights, put it in, go back up and then have to go back down to check. If it's not done, I repeat, up and down, up and down. At least I'm getting exercise, right?!

Monday, October 12, 2009


My hubby was sick the other day and I was sick yesterday. I hardly ever get sick but I was feeling feverish and had a sore throat, ears, etc. I feel better this morning, thank God. I have the holiday off today and have a lot to accomplish. I need to get this temporary living down (laundry, trash, etc.).

Hoping to have lunch with my oldest son today. He's coming down to see our new digs. Have a good day!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The road to nowhere...

Our last two nights at the house were awful. We packed until 2:40 on Wed. night and got up at 6:30 for the movers. After the movers left on Thurs., we ran around all day and cleaned that night until 11:30 p.m. and got up at 6:30 for the walk through. We still had to do shower cleaning and pack up the bedding, clothes, etc. and clean out the fridge and pack the cooler. We barely got out the door at 8:45. The buyers and realtor were there. My hubby was locking up the house and said, "goodbye house, we had a lot of good memories here." I just about bawled my eyes out but I held it together. I was so tired, disappointed about our closing on the new house (didn't happen), I just drove out.

Our cars were filled to the brim. I couldn't even see out the back. We had to hang out at my realtors office for a while because we had no home to go to after the closing. We finally found temporary living quarters and got settled in. We could barely make it up the three flights with all our stuff. Had a good night's sleep though. The place is ok but not great. The people I see in the parking lot look a little sketchy but I"m not used to living in the city. The location I wanted was full. Well, this will be our home for at least 6 weeks so I better get used to it.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sweeeeeeet emotion......

Ugh, still no word about Friday. I've lost hope. I can see us in a temporary place for a bit.

I thought I'd be ok emotionally because I've been way too busy and way to tired to think about it. I have been looking at things along the way to work that I won't see any more (the pretty ponds and all that). Well...The movers wanted to take whatever we had packed or didn't need today. We have so much stuff, I think we scared them. Anyway, as I was driving out this morning, the trucks were pulling into the neighborhood and I almost started to cry. I'm not an emotional person so I typically only cry when someone dies or watching a sad moving.

The buyers came by last night and we let them look around and ask all kinds of questions. They are first time homeowners and very new to it all. We gave them all kinds of info and our phone numbers in case they have questions and they were grateful. I was telling the wife about the neighbors and Halloween and all the other things and I was feeling sad but I was ok. I'm afraid of what it will be like on Fri. driving out for the last time though.....

This is a driveby photo of one of the ponds I pass. Not great, but you get the idea...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Don't worry about a thing....

I have been a major worry wart lately. I can't help it. We still do not know if we can close on Fri. It's just ridiculous at this point. I can't do change of address cards at the post office or to my creditors. I'm an organized person who would have taken care of this a month ago. It frustrates me. I don't know if I need temporary living at this point or not. All I know is my movers will be taking everything on Thurs. except our clothes and air mattresses so we can sleep at the empty house for the night. Fri. we will close on our house and be homeless!! We are trying to remain calm but it's very hard.

So....on my way in this morning, the first song that came on was Ziggy Marley's, "Don't Worry About a Thing." Do I take that as a sign it'll all work out?!! It's stuck in my head and it's my new mantra.

On a good note, if and when we ever get into this house, this will be my view.