Monday, November 15, 2010

Candy I'd love to win...

Wow, you have to see this blog candy at Fern's. She's giving away CASH!!! I really could use this for Christmas! I'm sure we all could. Go and check it out!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Little birdie...

I was in the kitchen making my lunch this morning when I heard a small thud. I looked over at the windows and didn't see anything. Then I looked again and saw this tiny little bird (maybe 6 inches tall?) hanging on the screen. I got my camera and took a photo. I thought for sure the bird would fly off when it saw the flash but its little head was hanging back. Then I got up to the window and it still didn't move. I thought for sure it was dead.

I tapped on the window and it started to move slowly. Then I tapped again and its little head looked around and he flew off. I was so happy it wasn't dead!

Also, thanks for the foliage comments for those of you who don't have it! Here's the change in a week. It did get prettier but it's still not as beautiful as last year. I'm missing my vibrant red/orange! Hope everyone had a nice Halloween!