Monday, July 16, 2012

It's all in the bag...

(Blogger is being stupid so I will have to try and correct this later - OK, I give up. It will have to stay. It won't show the spaces I've put in.) Just got back from a vacation in Maine. We had the most relaxing time and perfect weather! It was sunny and in the 80s the whole time and not a cloud in the sky. My only complaint is that the mosquitos were brutal!! We practically went through a whole can of Deep Woods Off! Here's our view. I have much better pictures on my iPad!
Before we left, I made this card for my son's girlfriend with a bag stamp from Too Much Fun Rubber Stamps and gave it to her at the cottage. It had a gift card in the little bag. She loves owls so she thought it was cute.
I also made this bridal shower card. I got a thank you from my cousin and it sounded like she enjoyed the card more than the gift! LOL I used ribbon for her tissue paper so it was a little more dressy. I glued the bag to a card because I wanted to add a sentiment inside. It's cute when it is cut out completely too. My biggest issue is the sides seem to lift a little because it's a little thick where the tissue is. If you have any suggestions as to a good adhesive, please let me know. I tried ATG and that white Scor Tape.