Thursday, December 07, 2006

ahhh....good news for a change!

The other day my mom was told that her office was closing. My husband hates his job and wants to quit. I was so excited to hear GOOD news today. My son called to say he is doing really well in school this term. Progress reports come out tomorrow. He seemed so happy. He hasn't been that way in a long time. He's been through a lot this year with 2 surgeries but has put us through a lot as well.

I thought he was going to ask for something after the news. Nothing. So I'm sitting at my desk waiting for the other foot to drop and I got an email from his Sp.Ed. teacher telling me the same thing! I'm so happy. He seemed truly happy that one of his teachers said he was smart and could do a little better with more studying. I will boost his ego later and hope to God it gets him through this year and next. I hope it's not just a fluke....

Now I feel I have the energy to get my holiday things done. Oh, and I am taking a vacation day on Monday to finish up everything ! is good. Hope you're getting your things done too!

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Yeah, good news, positive things. Got to hold on to those and let all the bad stuff slide :)

Hope you enjoy the day off, and get a lot done too!