Thursday, December 21, 2006

Got this from Dina - 6 Weird Things About Me


1. I hate to be late so often times I send out a card or package a week early because I thought it was the week it was due. Or I rush around trying to get a gift or make a card when I have another week to go. I call the dr. if I'm EVER late for an appt. to let them know I'm on my way.

2. I can't stand clutter and it drives me crazy when others in my house (my mom or boys) leave things on the counter instead of putting them away!!

3. I am facinated by giraffes!!

4. I have to shower, wash my hair and definitely shave my legs EVERY day. I cannot stand the feeling of stubble!!

5. I have compassion and want to help total strangers - like the lady I see every day walking the opposite direction as I'm driving to work. She must walk at least 5 miles and I want to turn around and pick her up to take her whereever she's going but I know she'd think I was a freak!!

6. I'm sometimes a closet eater!! LOL - not really in the closet but I do hide.


Maia said...

I don't like being late too ... but I don't call the dr's office though :-) hehe.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Well, if you're weird, so am I! I don't like to be late either and have called the dentist before when I was stuck in traffic and might have been 3-4 minutes late. They thought I was nuts and the receptionist laughed at me on the phone! I am an "everything in its place, a place for everything" kind of person too. Drives me nuts!

And the shaving, definitely. 365 days a year, I can't stand to feel my legs scratch each other at night, trying to go to sleep!

Dina said...

Love your list! Glad someone else can relate to my "never late" issues. hee hee

Diana said...

I'm with ya on number 2!

Cherie said...

too funny,. Just the other day I got hung up at the mall and called the dentist to let them know DS and I were running a few minutes late. I get there and have a seat. I am in the exam chair and look down. I had on capris and OMG forgot to shave. I could SEE the stubble, ACK, guess I need that fetish of shaving everyday!! Oh well, I came home, shaved and all is good iun the world!