Monday, September 25, 2006

Nice weekend...

Ok, got home Fri. & youngest was home for dinner which was unusual. The only probelm is that dh had to work in Boston so he didn't get home until later. So I drove ds back to his friends and said thanks for trying. Then dh came home &^ asked if I wanted to go out and I said, absolutely! So we warned him not to rush home expecting ice cream cake because we were going out. It turned out that we waited for him to get home so they could join us. So his gf came with balloons and all four of us went out to eat. It was fun. I had a sea monster martini (after a couple of beers while waiting at home) and then a margarita. I did NOT follow the SB diet. We picked up youngest on the way home but it was too late for ice cream cake. We ended up eating it on Sat. night. Delish!

So I got a nice card that my ds made. It was so sweet! I'll try to post tomorrow. It's at home! And they gave me a nice Mike's g.c. My mom gave me cash, a nice top and gc for a manicure. Very nice! My dh gave me the order I placed for CTMH items.

So yesterday I went to Mike's fully intending to purchase a tote and then proceeded to get a Cricut instead! I had fun playing with it later in the afternoon.

Back at work today, unfortunately. Oh well...gotta pay for that Amex bill from the other day! LOL


SnoopMurph said...

Oooh, the Cricut! Have fun with that goody! Enjoy all your wonderful gifts!!

Jodi said...

Glad you had fun with your goodies!!

Have a great weekend!