Friday, January 27, 2006

10 Food Questions

I found this on Stacy in MS blog and thought it was fun since I love food.
1. Eggs? Fried or Scrambled? Both, but fried have to be fried, not over easy.
2. Chocolate covered cherries? Depends on my mood, not my fav but if I'm having a sweet craving, bring 'em on!!
3. When eating a salad, what type of dressing do you prefer to use? Bleu Cheese
4. Peanut Butter? Creamy Skippy
5. If you HAD to eat only one flavor of ice cream for the rest of your life, what flavor would it be? Pistachio
6. Thick or thin crust pizza? Thick or hand tossed
7. Salsa? Hot, Medium, or Mild? Medium
8. Toast? Lightly toasted or practically burnt? Meduium
9. What is your FAVE food item at Taco Bell? Mexican Pizza
10. When are you MOST LIKELY to pig out during the course of a day? Definitely afternoons!

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