Friday, July 28, 2006 is good......finally!!

I know I shouldn't jinx myself by saying that but I finally got my retro pay. It was a raise we were supposed to get 3 yrs. ago but thanks to our illustrious governor, we didn't get funded. Anyway, enough complaining. I can now pay off my huge amex bill that I've built up while my husband was unemployed.....basically by buying sb/stamping stuff & a few other things! oops.

We are picking his car up today...YEAH! I no longer have to be dropped off at work to be stranded at this godforsaken place all day!!!!!!! I can shop for sb stuff on my lunch hour, right?!! Well, maybe not. I need to behave for a while until my husband is bringing in some serious commissions!!

Anyway, those are my three good things this week - my dh's job, my retro pay and his car. I feel like things are moving in the right direction finally!!!!!!!

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