Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Had a great time with my cousin & her husband. We picked them up at the airport and went out for fried clams. They live in MD and don't get the fresh clams we do. It was delicious. I decided to break my diet for the day and was sorry to see that I gained 4 lbs. in one day!!! I did lose most of that though.

The wedding was beautiful and we all danced our behinds off! I'll have to see if we have any photos to post later. It was fun but I was happy to drop them at the airport just because I was tired.

I took some photos for the sba challenge outside yesterday. I'm sad to say that the flowers on my dogwood tree are going by and we will have to move or get rid of the tree because it's touching the house. The flowers above are from a neighbor. This is what summer looks like to me! They've spread like crazy and they're so pretty when the sun is out. I caught them at dusk so they're somewhat closed. Don't mind the weeds!

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