Thursday, July 06, 2006

Scrapped again!

I did another 2 pg. lo. Nothing great, just a ton of photos of my niece's wedding from 7/03. I cut out a part of their invitation and used it for my title. I did my first hideaway journaling! I had no place to write down the funny story about my son winning the centerpiece (a fish bowl/vase). So I made a strip of paper and tucked it behind his photo. I hope to get to our Aug. 03 vacation tonight. Or maybe update the boys books. The older they get, the less I have to scrap so it should be easy to catch up. It's kind of sad though. I'm running out of those cute younger boy things to scrap. Oh well.....some day I'll have grandchildren, right?! Hopefully not too soon though. I want to make it to 50 before I have any. That would mean my 20 yo will be out of college for a whole year.

I'm going to my lss on my lunch hour today. I need adhesives!!! I also want to check out the new stuff since I haven't shopped in forever! I really hope this job thing works out for my husband.

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