Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bad blogger!!

Well, I took a few vacation days and haven't had time to post. We had a nice relaxing weekend. Sun. my son & his gf made us some Hypnotic martinis! Yum! I had a little headache on Mon. My dh & I went to Rockport & Gloucester (MA coast), shopped and had a nice fried clam dinner for lunch!! Then we had an ice cream, took the trolley back to the parking lot and went home. Bad for the diet but I thought I'd be back on track Tues.

Well, yesterday we took a long ride to Maine to check out more vacation properties for the future. We stopped for lunch and they didn't have salads so I had a small italian sandwich. After looking at several ponds & lakes, we headed home. We stopped at a covered bridge to take pictures. I love covered bridges but I must have some strange connection with them ;-) It poured as soon as we got out of the car which is what happened the last two times we visited one!!! I'll post a few photos we took. We were getting soaking wet standing outside but we didn't care!!

Today is just a clean up catch up sort of day before I go back to work tomorrow. My dh starts his new job on Monday so we need to get a few things done. We might go to Maine to visit friends over the weekend.

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Jodi said...

Isn't it nice to take a few days off? Here's the link to that stat counter thing. If you want I can help you with it, just let me know.