Friday, August 04, 2006

Busy, busy!!

Well, I couldn't even post yesterday. I was so busy at work, I couldn't even find my desk!! Today will probably be the same so I thought I'd post early.

Last night I got my hair highlighted and cut. Still not sure what to do about the style but decided against the flippy sides. I took a weekend day off styling due to consuming one Hypnotic martini too many and just basically shook my head under the blowdryer and everyone commented on how much they loved my hair! And they thought it made me look younger! I thought, ok, what am I spending all this time on?!!! So it's back to flippy in the back and sort of tucked behind the ears but not really short on the sides. I don't know. I just like easy!! And younger....

Tonight I have to food shop. Such excitement on a Fri. night!!! Then I have to get up bright and early to go to Portsmouth, NH with the girls (aunts & cousins) to see my cousin's new condo. She's leaving for Germany after the wedding next weekend. Her newlywed hubby already left. He's a pro hockey player in Wolfburg(?) Germany. So....after seeing the condo, we'll have lunch in downtown & go shopping. Fun.

We just made an offer on a piece of land in Maine so I'm anxious to see if it's accepted today! I'll wait to post about it until it's sure.

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Jodi said...

So where's the pic of the new haircut?? Oh, Great America is is Gurnee, IL ~ just outside of Chicago... let's just say I am not going to Chi-town anytime soon... I will post on my blog later.