Friday, August 18, 2006


Yipppeeeee! We can actually go away this weekend. We have not had a vacation this summer because of my youngest so I'm very happy just to get away for 2 days.

My oldest went away with his gf to Maine (she lives there but goes to school here). My youngest was invited to go to the Cape with his gf & her family. husband said, "Let's go to Maine!!!!"

We got online last night and found the perfect inn to stay at but they only had the most expensive rooms available. Then we found another which is on the snowmobile trail so my husband wants to check it out for the winter. It looks decent. I don't even care at this point. We want to go and look at our soon to be lot of land (haven't closed yet) and get to know the area. I'm looking forward to just getting away and relaxing.

We may be checking out Grafton Notch. Here's a photo:


April said...

How fun..a vacation. I could really use one of those..hehehe.


kathy m said...

Hope you had a fun vacation.

Jodi said...

Fun, fun, fun!!