Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow much fun...

We went snowmobiling for the day yesterday. It was really tiring but fun. Some of the trails were in excellent condition and some were horrendous! We went through muddy, rocky, icy parts that were hairy. When I got nervous, I'd sing "Love Song" by Sara Boreallis (sp?). We went over a railroad bridge (scared the you know what out of me) but I managed to zoom across. We had to go down the sides of a few roads and up a snowbank, down the street, which was kind of scary too.

I got a little nervous during one area and gunned it so I didn't get stuck in the icy mess and I almost hit a tree! I stopped just in time, a little off the trail. My ds was so cute. He got off his sled and ran over to see if I was ok. He pulled my skis out of the snow and moved the machine for me. We had the best day together. I only wish it could be like that all the time.

Here are some photos. We didn't take a huge amount. I am SO sore today. My back, shoulders, arms and thigh muscles just ache. Can't wait to go out and help dh shovel the stairs and walks. It's SNOWING again. So surprising.

This was one of our stops right in the middle of an apple orchard. You can see Mt. Washington way off in the distance to the left of the mountain range.

This is a place called Devil's Den. It is breathtaking at the top. You can't see from the photo but it drops down where the snow ends and it's a LONG way down. You can see for miles.

ds caught dh eating in this one! LOL As you can see from my do, this is not a glamorous sport! It was really bright up there too so we are squinting in the photo.

And speaking of eating, you see the funniest things on the trail. Our friends got hot dogs from this place. We brought sandwiches and snacks.


SnoopMurph said...

Wow, snow much fun is right! Looks like a really fun winter day and I love the photos!

maia said...

oh wow !!! what a fun thing to do !! - I would've done the same as you (stepping on the pedal to go out really
quick) but I would not have stopped in time and hit the tree ;-). Glad you had fun! hope your aches and pains are gone.

Theresa said...

What fun pictures! Glad you had such a fun family day- Your pictures really made me wish I could of been there too!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Blog. Especially since this is the first blog I have ever read.
Boy you haven't changed in years. John (no neck) has like the rest of us.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I love that view. I miss mountains. The only mountians we have here in Florida are owned by Disney -- Space Mountain, Splash Mount, Everest. =P