Thursday, January 10, 2008

More high school....

Ok, did I make it too long? Feel free to answer a couple if you want. I didn't mean to scare people away! LOL

This will definitely scare you. Here are two photos. I guess we clean up ok, huh?!! The first looks like we are poor little hobos. We were on the way to Nantucket on the ferry. I just love the legs! LOL The second is my sr. prom. My mom made the dress. Too funny, huh?!!


Jodi said...

Awww... cute!!

maia said...

awww... you're too cute !!!

Your prom dress is beautiful. This shot reminds me of the "short circuit" movie when the robot was dancing with the lady ... "more than a woman ... woo .. more than a woman to me .. " It was in the 80's that movie.

Love the "hobo" one too :-) .. so carefree.

I have to hunt down old photos. You look more mature in your HS pic than I was in my college days. hehe ..

Jodi said...

I answered the questions... just need to get some pics up, so that will be tomorrow! Come and see!

Theresa said...

you made me miss my cut off super short jean shorts!!!
wow you were all legs.

And you were really working that dorthy hammel(spelling) haircut in the prom- love the neckline of the dress.

fun stuff!