Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nothing new....

I was going to get some cards done last night for my group swaps but when my son came to the door for band practice I heard some little scratches on the door. It was cute little Reese and my son's sweet gf.

A was making an adorable tissue box cover. She used brown/pink/green flowered paper and tons of green & pink buttons. SO cute! So while she did that, I tried to figure out my SU order without breaking the bank.

I made a boiled dinner and Reese was looking hungry. I ended up giving her bits of ham and some potatoes. I still cannot believe my attitude about this little dog. I'm wondering what made me change my mind about not liking dogs in my house? I think it's because she's not a jump-on-you kind of dog and she's so little and cute. I still don't think I'll ever have a pet. I just like when she visits. As for cats, I'll never like them.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Well, I'm 100% a dog person and not a cat person, so I am in total agreement there. I also think that bringing a dog into your home makes a huge difference in how attached you get to them, and how involved you are in their lives and they in yours. It makes a huge difference - I've had outside only and inside dogs, and the gap is huge :)

Glad you got a little doggie love :)

Diana said...

I'm a 100% dog person too. I don't have one right now because we're always gone. But when we retire we'll get another. We had a Spitz (American Eskimo) for 13 years and a Corgi for 1 - we gave her away to a family with kids and another Corgi to play with. She was a mess - my DH called it "that bitch dog" all the time. My son in Seattle has a yellow lab. We're going to meet her this summer!