Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Poor baby...

Oh, my poor ds....I feel so bad for him. It was bad enough his gf broke up with him on Fri. but he found out yesterday that the reason was a lie. She likes his best friend.

I didn't think it affected boys like it does girls, but he's not eating. I keep telling him he'll get sick but he said I just didn't understand. His stomach will not tolerate much food right now. I got him to eat a little bit of mashed potatoes last night but that's it. This kid is way too skinny as it is. I hope he gets hungry soon. He is drinking lots of water.

He also hurt his knuckles from hitting cement. This is not like my ds either. He's not a fighter or a tough guy. He thought the knuckle was broken. I don't think it is since he has mobility but I'm not a nurse/dr. I'll give it another day or two unless he's in a lot of pain. Please think good thoughts for him.


Becky said...

I have 3 boys here and dreading the whole boy girl issues.
My son 14 just started getting calls from a girl and i'm trying to prevent it lol.
Lots of times i say hes not here.
I just don't want to deal with all the heartbreaks etc.
But thats part of life.
I'm sure your DS will get through this although he probably think he won't.Just be there for him and let him know it will get easier ,its hard with the first broken heart
: (

Jodi said...

Many hugs for him. Break ups I think are harder on the guys when they are the ones who have been dumped. And to be dumped for the best friend has to smart|!!

Theresa said...

I know his pain-I was there myself once and it is horriable.

Like you my mother was beside herself trying to pick me up- but it was because of her and my best friend I got through it- They just kept me busy and wouldn't let me feel sorry for myself.

good luck in this trying time, hugs to both of you