Monday, October 29, 2007

It was an uneventful weekend....

and I'm not complaining. Fri. night dh and I went out to dinner and then went food shopping. I know, we are so exciting, aren't we?!! LOL

Sat. I went to the bank with ds finally to open an acct. for him. DH and I went to the mall to buy my ds a shirt for the wedding this weekend (my niece). Luckily we found pants and shoes to fit him in his closet. I only had to buy a shirt and belt. My dh was looking for .... are you ready? .... work pants. I'm hoping to say he's employed after this afternoon. It's been a long 6 months. We still will be scrimping though. The salary isn't great but hopefully he'll make a bundle in commission (in my dreams).

Sun. I made some cards for my France friends. I met them in Hawaii and they are two of the sweetest girls you'd ever meet. One is engaged and the other graduated and got a job in t.v. I made them fairly simple so they weren't too bumpy to mail.

You can't see the shimmery hanger and flower middles in this photo. The dress is an SU stamp.

This one has a sparkly glass of champagne you can't see. I'm trying to use my stash with the SEI paper here!


Jodi said...

Cute cards!!! And your not late in my giveaway, it just started today silly!! It runs through this Friday!!

maia said...

The cards are so adorable. Glad your DH was looking for "work pants" ;-) ... GL !!! don't worry about the money .. things will work out fine somehow.

Betsy in ar said...

AWESOME! Congrats.
Cards are adorable

Theresa said...

Great cards, love them both! The congrats one does look tre shiek (spelling?) and the engagement one very elegant. It is nice to have an uneventful weekend to just get "stuff" like that done.

SnoopMurph said...

I love the dress with the hanger. And the SEI paper background too. I have a TON of SEI paper, the really old patterns!

You have the cutest cards!