Thursday, October 25, 2007

Off to a busy day...

I'll be swamped today. We have a big meeting here tomorrow with some important outsiders. Vrrrrrrrrrroooommm......I'll be flying around.

I started my day with a few great songs and just had to share. One of my all time favorites is Dave Matthews Band/Best of What's Around. I sing that to myself when I'm stressed or scared about something. Crazy, I know, but it calms me.

Then I heard Corinne Bailey Rae (sp?) - Put Your Records On. She has a great voice. Also heard a nice one from The Fray - I'll Look After You. Great start. Then I got to work and my network was down. Ugh...I got on my broomstick and it was fixed. People around here will be hating me today. Very stressed....I'm going to try to be nice! ;-)

p.s. Stacy - I read more last night and liked S. Plum a little better. Must be the mood I'm in! LOL


Diana said...

Are you kidding me! THose Sox played goooood. Now that Beckket's off the mound maybe the Rocks will do something tonight. I speak for all Colorandan's that we are just dang tickled that the Rockies made it!

Go ROckies!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Hope your busy day goes well :)

Yeah, I'm so glad you didn't give up and you're liking it a little more. I really love those books. Bad language and stuff, but they're so light and easy to read. Fun, light escapism for me :)

Theresa said...

boy wish I had one of those magical broomsticks :)
Hope you survived your day- and are enjoying a stress free evening with your family.