Thursday, October 04, 2007


I have a beautiful kit from The Button Farm (side bar) that my son's gf gave me titled, Motherhood, A Work in Progress. I've been dying to get this album done so every time I come across a photo I love, I put it in the package so I don't forget. I found this one last night. It's my now 17 yo. who causes me so much grief. He looks like an angel.

Unfortunately I had to photo the photo with my Palm Pilot so it's not great (my techie helper with the scanner is out).

Let me point out, he's never been angel ... or should I say since he became a toddler. He was a great infant! Anyway, this child had stitches twice before he was two. He was always a monkey, climbing out of his car seat, high chair, crib, you name it.

I love this kid dearly and chuckle sometimes when I think of the things he's put me through. I just have to keep looking at photos like this....
how could you get mad at that face?!!

Well, I tried to post the finished album from The Button Farm site but it won't let me right click. If you go to the site, just look for Motherhood on the side bar. She is SO talented.


dhill said...

Oh, you're right! He's a sleeping angel! Who could get mad at that cute face? LOL

Just hug him and try not to be mad at him. It's that teen angst he's giving you. He'll be a grown man with a family one of these days, and THEN he'll 'get' what you've been telling him all these years. Right?



Juls said...


I totally get what your saying my dd is really a good kid, she's 17 years old. I do however miss the days when all she wanted was to hang out with mom.

That's a very sweet picture of your son!