Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to....

It's a day of back to's. Back to work, back to the diet, back to making myself walk up the five flights in the a.m. Back to going home to cook dinner for three adults when I'm the last one who gets home.

I'll stop complaining now. It's just one of those days. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

On a good note, I scrapped again last night which brings my weekend total to 9 pages!!! Yay for me! I'm just about finished with my youngest son's book. All I have is his graduation party and then I can move onto my oldest or our family book.

Well, back to work.

p.s. PJ man was in street paint yellow again today.


maia said...

wow you've been busy scrapping !!! way to go !!!

Pia said...

Great cards! Great job scrapping so much! I am glad the yellow pants are back!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Back to is always a fairly decent time for me. I love the holidays but I crave normalcy and routine, so getting "back in the saddle" is usually a plus for me.

On the downer side, if I was the last home and there were two perfectly capable adults at home, I'd be beyond irritated... just saying :)

Happy New Year!