Thursday, August 07, 2008

Neglectful blogger....

I just got slapped in the butt by Theresa for not updating. I know...I've been very bad. I don't know why. I usually make it my first task in the a.m. before I start work.

I was going to do a piggy back on Stacy's, "Well, I never" but forgot. It's a fun post though. Check it out! I have two more to add:

I've never worked retail.

I've been been divorced (thank God!!).

I've never driven a riding lawn mower (and don't plan on starting).

I think what's happening is I'm spending too much pre-work time playing games on Facebook. hehe I just can't seem to beat my dh!! I haven't even been reading blogs. Weird.

Thanks for the nudge, Theresa! I will try to be better.

p.s. I must have been worn out from the scrapping! LOL I had stampers block last night and played games instead. I see a pattern developing here....


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I've been spending a lot of time of Facebook too, and not blogging (or reading), so don't feel like it's just you. I go through phases, I guess. I'm more into the Wii and Facebook right now than anything else. I'm sure I'll tire of them soon, LOL!

I know what you mean about trying to beat your DH. One of my sisters regularly beats me on Facebook games. Over and over, by hundreds of points. So demoralizing! Hope you beat him soon, and bad :)

Theresa said...

Well I am glad to hear you have a legitiment excuse for not blogging.

As you know I am neglectful too sometimes, but you always seem so steady thats why the hard time.

Can't believe you never rode a lawn mower-we couldn't wait to cut the grass with the mower (but the novilty wore off very quickly)

maia said...

Those games are EVIL I tell you !!! LOL !

Jean at Penny Lane said...

I guess I should be grateful I do not have a FaceBook account!