Tuesday, May 01, 2007

week of april 29: the last time

Ok, I feel horrible...I don't remember whose blog I found this on. I'll try to find out and edit my post later.

time to reminisce: when was the last time you....
1. kissed someone? Yesterday, I think!
2. drank coffee? Two minutes ago
3. read a book? Last week. I’m trying to catch up on my mags.
4. cursed? This morning 8-}
5. had a nightmare? It’s been a while. Maybe a month?
6. checked your email? 2 mins ago
7. had a crush? High school
8. drove a car? 45 minutes ago
9. rode a rollercoaster? Probably during our trip to Canada 5 yrs. ago
10. took a nap? Sat. on the way to Maine and on the way back!!
11. went to the movies? You will not believe it….probably 10 yrs.?
12. drank alcohol? Sat. night
13. went to a party? New Years Eve unless you count a family gathering (Easter)
14. said "I love you"? I try to say it to my boys before I hang up the phone so probably Sat.
15. cooked a meal? Yesterday
16. exercised? Last week unless you count walking up 5 flights to the office!!!


SnoopMurph said...

I love these! I'll be copying that to put on my blog in a bit!

Diana said...

Okay - I'll be copying this too and sticking it on my blog.