Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mom's Day

Yay! Got a couple of mom's day cards done last night. I need to make about six of them between Godmom's & a Nana one for my mom so I'm happy a few are completed. I also have to make my hubby's 50th, yes, 50th! That seems so old to me! I'm only two and a half years away!

What do you do for Mom's day if you are a mom? If you are not a mom, do you see your mom?

Here's my dilemma...I always end up cooking!! My mom has always come to my house for dinner on Mother's Day. Now that she lives with me, I still have her for Mother's day. I guess I feel a little put out since I hate to cook and I don't feel I should be waiting on anyone on Mother's Day. The other issue is my hubby's bday is always Mother's Day weekend. So we combine the celebrations and I still get to cook!! Am I being selfish here? If we go out, we'll end up spending a fortune because we'll end up paying for my mom, my two sons & one gf and ourselves.

I know I'm sounding a little selfish here. I just wish my brother would step up to the plate. I think my younger one had her up last year for lunch. I'm the one providing the home for her, shouldn't they give ME a break on Mom's Day?! Ok, I've complained enough for one day. And maybe I spoke too soon (fingers crossed).


Diana said...

I saw my Mom in April - traveling to Indiana to do it. My brother lives on Martha's Vineyard so it's harder for him but he'll be there for her on Mother's Day. My birthday sometimes falls on Father's Day and I hate sharing!!

I'm with ya on the "hate to cook" and wouldn't want to cook on Mother's Day. A juicy hamburger is okay with me as long as I'm not cookin it!

Your brother's should step up and do something. Afterall, you are doing something special everyday for your Mom.

My DH will be 60!!

maia said...

well, my mom is in a different country so I'll give her a call. For my MIL, well usually all their siblings/family go eat at a restaurant and we split the bill. No cooking.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

That's not selfish at all, you should totally get a break on Mother's Day. Be a little more forthright and tell them what you want! :)

As for me, Mother's Day is one of the hardest days during the year for me. I lost my mom almost 5 years ago and was unable to have children, so I really dislike Mother's Day. My only saving grace is that I have a mother-in-law I love and adore. :)

Angie said...

Will your husband grill something for you on Mother's day? I was going to have my parents to my house but I think they are taking a quiet weekend to my dad's deer camp. It's set on a lake where mom can fish and they are close to the louisiana border and can go gambling!LOL

I'm not sure what my daughter and I will do. I would like a quiet weekend. So we'll see.