Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow day....

I'm so excited we had the whole day to play! Of course, I slacked off a lot, read magazines and chatted to my mom. I did some laundry since we will be out of commission for a few days (see below photos).

I finally sat down to play around 3 p.m. I did a two pg. lo and then made some cards. I have to make these little deals with myself - scrap first and then you can stamp!! Sad, huh?!! LOL

So anyway, this morning the guy is coming to do the tile in the downstairs bathroom/powder room. Isn't it funny how different areas of the country have different names for a bathroom? I remember in PA it was always the powder room. In MA it's just the half bath or bathroom. What do you call it?

So here's what my kitchen looks like this morning. We are tiling the bathroom and the mud area where the garage door opens into the kitchen & the laundry area. The rest will be wood.
p.s. Please note: the microwave is still sitting there to the left. We're calling our new look, Slum. LOL


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh, fun, a snow day! :) Glad you enjoyed it and got some things done too.

I love the toilet in the kitchen look, LOL! Been there, done that. We put in ceramic tile ourselves and our toilet sat out in the garage for a couple of weeks. When we did the kitchen/laundry/breakfast room, I had stuff literally in every corner of the house and garage. It's so worth it in the end, I can't wait to see the finished product!!!

maia said...

LOL! can't help but notice the toilet there ;-) ... I thought "oh, so thats why they call it slum" hehe ... nice to see the tile work done, hopefully the rest will follow including the microwave.