Monday, February 05, 2007

Best laid plans....

I thought I'd have the whole weekend to play. yesterday I waited around for my almost 17 yo's friends to call. He wanted to go snowboarding at the ski area across town. So they couldn't come all the way over to get him but one kid was picking the other up but was "working on his computer". So I offered to pick the other kid up and they could snowboard while waiting for the one who drives. The kid said he'd call G back. He didn't. So they finally called and said to meet them there. I drove him over and dropped him off. They told him they were on the way.

Two hours go by and he called. They never showed up!!! I was so angry at them for being so mean. He wasted his gift card on a ticket for two hours!! I went to pick him up and then got back and my hubby was home from snowmobiling. Can I say, Mean Kids S~ck!!! I just feel so bad for him.

So I made a bunch of apps & brownies and sat with my dh after trying to load his pictures from the new camera. No scrapping, no stamping.

Today I have to leave @ 1:30 to take my ds to the dentist. And then to get his learner's permit. Maybe some spare time before dinner?!!

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