Monday, February 19, 2007

More woes...

Ok, so I decided to pack it all up last night and relocate to the basement. What a mess!! I wish I had a pedometer! I've been up and down and up and down.

Today we had the wood delivered so my dh and I had to bring it all in the house since it's about 8 outside. We have boxes of wood everywhere! I was shaky when we were finished.

I've been taking small items like plants, small tables, etc. and bringing them upstairs so up and down and up and down I go again!

I finally decided to take a break. I'm wiped.

The tile floor is now sealed and my dh said he'd temporarily put the washer/dryer back so that I can do some laundry. I have piles!!!!!!!!!

I'm waiting on my day off for the damn installer!!!!! Have not heard a word. We will also get a dumpster delivered this afternoon. So much for the stamping invite! I was supposed to go over a new friend's house (teaching asst. at univ.). Anyway, I thought I'd try to make some sense of the mess down here to see if I can possibly make a card or scrap.


Deborah Kay said...

good luck on the project!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Ooh, lots of progress! Tile is done and sealed and the wood delivered, that's all huge steps :)