Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monogram holder.....

I was browsing my favorite blogs through Google Reader (don't know what I'd do without that!) and found this tutorial at Julie's Stamping Spot. It's a holder for the monogram cards. I made the first one using Julie's instructions and realized her cards are probably smaller than mine. I pop dotted every monogram so the're a little fat. I made a few changes by making the edges more squared to accommodate my fat little cards.

I probably should have made them all the same. It would certainly look nicer, however, these are for young girls (9 & 11) so I knew they'd want all the different colors.

Here's the first:

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maia said...

I love these and the cards you made yesterday too! I am sure the girls will love the different colors.

I love how you made the cards slightly different but still had the overall feel of being a set. They are going to be thrilled to get this.