Monday, December 15, 2008

Ice storm...

Just to update you, I haven't been ignoring anyone. We had an ice storm and we've been without power since Fri. at 2:30 a.m.

I fell back to sleep thinking it would be back on later. Woke up at my usual 6 a.m. and wondered how I'd get to work without a shower. I called the emergency # and found the univ. was closed. Then I got the text saying it was closed.. Yay, a snow, well ice, day!!! When I realized we weren't getting power back it was NOT fun.

We bundled up and basically sat around waiting for it. I did address my Christmas cards by sunlight. YAY! Then it got dark in the afternoon. It was so hard to sit and not be able to read or anything.

I will also tell you that we only had a few flushes before the water was completely gone. We have an electric water pump (well water). Yuck.

So we stuck it out by the fire in the family room the first night. My hubby and I slept on the recliner couch and my son froze upstairs. We didn't keep the fire going all night so it wasn't warm in the family room anyway.

Ditto on the next day/night. We were so stiff and cold, I finally caved and called a few hotels. I finally got one nearby that had just gotten their power back so they had openings. We stayed last night.

I'm so fuzzy right now and discombobulated. I have piles of dirty clothes and a messy house. It's such a mess. I know I shouldn't complain. Some people have babies and elderly folks to take care of. My mom went to her sister's so I was happy she had a warm couch to sleep on.

The ironic part is we have a brand new generator which we purchased a year ago. Of course we've never needed it. So my dh cranked it up and the heat started, lights were on in the kitchen. I quickly got a pot of coffee going and half way through everything went out. I'll save all the details but it was confirmed by an electrician that we have a faulty generator. Gotta run and catch up on over 200 emails.


maia said...

I was worried about you, thanks for posting. I everything gets in order in your home and neighborhood.

Pia said...

Glad to see you back online. It was such a funny storm, we had no trouble at all thankfully. That is too bad about the generator, that would be my luck.
Hope today is better.

SnoopMurph said...

Yay-thanks for your return email and ACK on the faulty generator! Hopefully you will get back on track soon and that things are looking up.

Jean at Penny Lane said...

I told dh last year to buy a generator but he did not. Santa owes us one.

Anyways, the neighbors got one after a huge search and they brought it home, took it out of the box, hooked it up, and all the power came back on.

So they get a call from some relatives up north an hour and a half away. They drive up there to hook up the new generator so they can have power, but no sooner do they have it all set to go, their power goes on.

Now they have a generator to store.

Hope yours gets fixed for the next outage.