Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well, believe it or not, this snow woman is still partially standing in JUNE!! It was close to 80 degrees when we were there on Saturday and I was shocked to see the mound of snow!

We met with an excavator to clean up and redesign our driveway in Maine.

For those who have asked, and I"m trying so hard not to be negative hunting is for the birds!!!!!!!!!! It's getting more depressing each day. Just when we think we may have one (yes, we found our very first the other day where the room sizes actually work), it falls out from under us. This one had small garage doors. Weird, I know. My Explorer would probably fit in if we turn the mirrors in. That is just too small. The house was a little more than we wanted to spend anyway.

We are back to the drawing board. I'm sure we'll be out looking this week but I will be really busy getting ready for my son's graduation party and also the lss garage sale next weekend.


Angie said...

Michelle - hang in there and the perfect house will fall into your lap when you least expect it!

There was still snow on the ground in parts of yellowstone when we were there. We were going to have a picnic lunch and the tables were covered with snow!

Becky said...

I know its hard but try not to stress out too much.I'm sure the right house for you is out there,just keep looking. BTW i have to check out that VS scent you mentioned on my blog,sounds lovely.I love the Divine and Heavenly scents from them and totally in love with Amber Romance i bought so much of this scent of the same items incase they discontinue it lol.

SnoopMurph said...

We looked at ton of houses when we first started-and we probably would do it over again if we could and maybe live in a different area of town. Take your time and find the right spot that has all the little and big things that you want! It's out there somewhere (there's my optimism for you!).

I cannot believe there is still snow! In June! Bring it out here and our 111 degrees will make short order of that snow. :)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Snow? There's snow still left up there? Good grief. It's going to be 95 here today, with the heat index well over 100!

Hang in there with the house - I know you're going to find one that fits and works. Don't give up :)

maia said...

oh wow !!! the weather must be pleasant over there ... I love cool weather.

your dream home is probably around the corner!!! just hang on!

Theresa said...

Yes I agree house hunting is horriable, It is always exiciting at first thinking of the new possiblities, then the 4th, 5th weekends are like do we have to go again? but when you least expect it there it will be. Good luck

(are you doing your reverse optimism that you commented on?)