Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No crafting for me....

I have been sick as a dog. I have a major sinus infection. I was home sick for two days which is SO unlike me. I had no energy and a full head. You know I'm really sick when I can't even stamp! All I did was watch movies for two days.

The preimium cable channels didn't have a great selection but I caught a few on HBO. I watched Georgia, Rule which was good, Evan Almighty which was just ok, The Kite Runner (borrowed mom's dvd) which was great. I think there were a few more but I can't remember them.

The one thing about Kite Runner is I don't think I could have followed it if I hadn't read the book. I hated the subtitles because you couldn't read half of them (light colored text) and it took away from looking at the surroundings. It was pretty good though.

I hope to get back to semi-normal tonight. We may be looking at a house or two though.


Becky said...

Sorry to hear you're sick , i hope you feel better soon!!!
I really want to see the Kite Runner ,i did read the book and it was really good!!
I am only holding off because movies based on books usually let me down,but i always cave and watch them anyway.Keep us posted with the house hunting,hope you find something soon.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh, you poor thing! I hope you feel a lot better soon. I hate getting sinus infections. Half the time, mine ends up getting in my ears, making my teeth and cheekbones hurt, etc. Hate them. Hope you knock yours out soon and start feeling a lot better.

I've watched some movies this week too. Funny, we're polar opposite on them! I watched Georgia Rule last night and didn't really like it. Didn't like the theme and the fact that the grandma would wash her mouth out for taking the Lord's name in vain, then turn around and throw out the f-word. Sigh. We watched Evan Almighty when it first came out and I did like it! Didn't love Kite Runner either, again, that theme of abuse. I know it's realistic, but I don't always enjoy movies with that in it.

Hope the house hunting goes well!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Hope you feel better soon! Being sick is no fun. I think it's even less fun when it's hot outside.

SnoopMurph said...

I hope you feel fun being sick, that's for sure. I just saw an Earth Therapeutics sinus eye mask-it looked pretty cool.

I read the Kite Runner, but I don't know that I will see the movie.

GOOD LUCK on the house hunt-I keep checking to see what's happening and I hope you have some luck if you go tonight. :)