Monday, March 12, 2007

Oh, the old muscles ache!!

First I want to say that my microwave was installed last Thurs. I haven't even had the chance to open the door. My mom said it's working great!

We went to Maine for the weekend snowmobiling. My poor underexercised muscles ache! I was trying to keep up with the guys. I'm the only woman in our group who still wants to go. These guys fly! I was going as fast as I felt comfortable so they didn't have to wait too long. My dh was staying behind with me.

The trails were horrible near our friend's house. It was muddy and bare in spots but at least they fixed the bridge over the creek! Then it was really bumpy so you end up standing up so your back doesn't take the brunt of it. My arms, legs shoulders, back, etc. are sore. We did eventually get to some really nice trails but then had to drive back through the bumps and mud!! We went about 65 miles on Sat. I think we're done for the year. I'm hoping our friend emails some photos this week. My hubby only took one or two. There were some nice mountain views at one point. Sometimes we were just flying past some pretty views.

I have to tell you though, I was trying to calm my nerves so I was thinking about scrapping the trip and coming up with a list of favorites about snowmobiling and things I hate (like itchy helmet head, speeding up muddy hills). I guess I'm really a scrapbooking geek at heart! If I wasn't planning the layout in my head, I was singing the song by Gomez, See the World. It's the only way to relax when you're zooming through the woods at 30-40 mph!!

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Sounds like fun, but I think I would be a bit of a scaredy cat at those speeds! :)