Friday, April 21, 2006


Good God! I just typed a whole big message and got an error message! It's now gone.

Anyway, I guess tonight is the night G will grace me with his presence so that we can try to rent a tux for 5/6 (jr. cotillion). I'm not thrilled about dishing out the dough for his gf's cotillion but what else can I do. If I buy a suit, he'll never wear it again. Either way it's going to cost around $150. Then the ticket and flowers will bring me to over $200. I guess it'll be fun to see him decked out!

No plans tomorrow other than cleaning and food shopping. Sun. is R's shower. NO clue what I'm wearing. I guess the ol' black pants and a top will have to do. Too many things this time of year!

I hope to get more scrapping in this weekend either tonight, tomorrow night or Sun. night. We shall see. I also have 3 bday cards to make for next weekend's party. It's J's aunts' birthdays - three sisters (60, 75, 80). Should be fun with the rest of his family! We don't get to see them much. Ciao for now!

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