Friday, April 14, 2006

Weekend is finally here!!

I'm very excited that I have a long weekend coming up!! Tonight we have to food shop for Easter and then we're going out for fried clams!! J is finally cheating on his diet for this! He's lost about 20 lbs. I seriously need to as well. My mom is heading to her sister's for the night! I'm happy for her and us. She'll have someone to talk to and we can talk without worrying about saying something that will be repeated. Not sure what G is doing (our 16 yo).

No official plans for tomorrow. I was really hoping to get a card done to submit to a contest tonight but I don't think that'll happen. Maybe tomorrow morning since the deadline is the 15th. I don't think I'd win on talent but they are also picking a random card so I have a chance to win!!

The cottage fiasco seems to be coming to a close. We are heading to the Cape probably on Tues. to clear out our things. Hopefully we'll get an other fried seafood platter at our favorite, Seafood Sams!! We won't be going back for a long time! I think we'll head North this summer to Maine and rent a place on the water (lake, not ocean). It'll be fun though. I will really miss the National Seashore park beaches at the Cape. :-( Maybe we'll rent a place there next summer.

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