Monday, April 24, 2006

Update on the weekend...

Well, Fri. night we went to rent a tux for G. His gf came with us. It was pretty painless. He chose a black tux, white shirt with grey vest & tie. It was funny because he had on a hood and I told him to take it off before the guy came over. He couldn't understand why. I told him it was rude to talk to someone with his hood on. So...he finally took it off, the young guy came over to talk, let him try on a jacket and G lifted the hood and took it off as soon as the jacket was on and the guy told him to put it back on. I said, "I told him to take it off and finally listened and now he was telling hime to put it back on?!" We got a chuckle out of it. M was laughing at him in the tux with the hoodie underneath. Can't wait to see him dressed up!!! Sat. just went to Christmas Tree shopping and then food shopping with my mom. Things are going a little better these days, not sure why but maybe I'm just getting used to having no privacy and someone else's quirky things in my house. Sun. went to R's shower. It was very nice. We had mimosas, lobster newburg, salad, asparagus salad(have to get the recipe from M on that one!!). Then we had this TO DIE FOR cake from some upscale bakery in Newton or Brookline. YUM! It was whipped cream frosting, white cake with strawberries in the layers. Oh, it was SO worth the calories. We took a piece home and some Newburg & salad. So after the initial stuffed feeling wore off last night, we heated up the newburg and ate that, salad, and cake for dessert. I'm so done with eating. I've it my all time high weight wise and I cannot go any higher. I'm back to salads at lunch and light snacks. I will not cave to the endless supply of chocolate at my office. Got some gorgeous shower photos from my cousin today and saw why I really need to lose. The bridal party is absolutely gorgeous. They're all skinny and young. It was nice catching up with my aunts & cousins.

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