Friday, December 18, 2009


Boy, there's been a whirlwind of activities at my house! I took part of Thurs. off so that the electrician could finish the jobs my hubby had for him. I watched the crew digging up my well in the frigid temps and felt so bad for them! I did take a couple of pictures from inside the house but they are at home on my camera. Then I went to work and my hubby waited for the furniture delivery.

WELL.....they tried to deliver the wrong color. It was supposed to be sage green and it came in saddle tan. It was a special order which we ordered back in Sept. because it takes 8 weeks. Then it came in but I was in temporary living so I put the delivery off for three weeks. All that to send them away!! Today they called to make it right. They are redelivering the tan furniture so we have something for Christmas. The funny thing is it looks like the tan might end up matching the walls and carpet better than the sage. We could end up keeping it. Either way, we'll have the tan furniture until the other comes in, or until we decide it looks nice with the carpet and walls. Whew! That delivery will be 12/23.

The cable boxes weren't working in my mom & son's bedrooms. Hubby called Comcast and they are having an issue with the boxes only in NH and they don't know what the problem is yet. Weird. It seems whatever can go wrong has so far!

On the good side, it's starting to look and feel like home.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

So, this is WAY late, but what did you decide - keep the tan or get the sage, after all?! Nosy people want to know :)