Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gotta love those ebates...

No, it's not a typo. I joined Ebates a while back because I got a free $5 to sign up. I've been using it every time I shop online and I've been racking up the dough! My first rebate check was close to $25 and I already have $14 toward the next bunch.

All you do is click through ebates when you shop online and you get a certain percentage back. For example, today I purchased a book on Barnes and Noble. I got 8% back because that's what B&N is offering. I never get spam from them, just an email telling me the latest deal. When it came to the end of the time period (I think it's each month?), they just deposited the money in my paypal. How easy is that?

So....if you shop online and you'd like me to send you an invite, please leave your email. You'll get $5 and I'll get a referral fee.

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gm glimmerglass said...

Hi Mamichelle, I'd love to sign up for eBates. I had never heard of it but I find myself shopping online more these days. Sounds like a good deal.
:-) Thanks! Genevieve

FSM(FairyScrapMother) on SBA

Here's my email I use for online signups: