Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sorry, bad blogger here....

I just haven't been able to play lately. Things have been a little hectic. I thought I'd get to stamping last night but my spoiled son got to me once again.

He works at a shoe store at the mall. Since he started in Nov., the kid has purchased at least 6 pairs of shoes. Yes, you can say he's addicted to fashion. He shouldn't be working there because he's actually not collecting a paycheck. It all goes back to the store. Grrrrrr.... So yesterday he called to see if he could borrow money because the shoes he's so desperately wanted finally came in. I said no. He already owes me money. Then I kept feeling bad all day. I texted when I got home and said if he REALLY wanted them, I could go up to the mall and buy them as part of his birthday gift (next week). He was thrilled! Why do I always cave?! I can't stand myself for it but I can't help it either.

Ok, I saw PJ Man this morning. It's been quite a while! He had on the street paint yellow with the same color shirt. He looked like a street light base. LOL

I hope to get something done tonight but I may not. We are going snowmobiling this weekend so I have to get some cleaning, packing and shopping done today and tomorrow.


Paula said...

Pack warm clothes for your trip and have fun!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I think a blogging break (and a scrapping/stamping break too) are good for the soul! :) Personally, I'm on an extended one for a while, LOL! So, of course, I'd think that :)

I think you're a good mom. Wow, he likes shoes doesn't he?!

Snowmobiling trip sounds fun - have a wonderful time and stay warm!

maia said...

Have fun snowmobiling!!! I think you are just being a mom, but he does like shoes ;-).

Pia said...

Thanks for the pj man update, you know I worry when I don't know what he is wearing!

Why is it that the short weekend trips are the most work?

Kristen said...

The pj man thing cracks me up. Good for you for saying no first, cause I don't know if I would have. I am trying to better telling my kids no. You know they want everything under the sun. Ryan wants everything he sees on TV. I would ask God for strength, but he works in mysterious ways you know (hehehe).

SnoopMurph said...

Wow, have a great time snowmobiling! Vroom!

I used to work in a shoe store as my first job and I must say that I also spent a great deal on shoes too!

I have a tendency to cave on things that my boys want...but we are working on them saving their own money. I cannot imagine what I'll do when they are 19!

Theresa said...

np- bad commenter here, just catching up today!