Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Little things....

Ugh...my dh has had some major respiratory problems lately and has been through 2 prescriptions.

On Friday he took his car for service. Guess what they found? A dead mouse in his fan!!! And a huge mouse nest.

So now we are wondering if that was the cause of it. He drives around practically all day in the car. He's been breathing in mouse hairs and whatever. SO disgusting.

We first found out about a mouse in my mom's car. Her tissues were gone and she found droppings. The fingers on her gloves were gone too. Then a week or so later, my dh found his tissues gone.

Our cars are pretty much spotless, no trash or anything so I guess they were just trying to keep warm.

We (he) set mouse traps in the garage to see if we can get any remaining family members and not one has been caught yet!!!!!! Maybe they moved away after the mom/dad lost it's life in the fan?! Yuck.


maia said...

oh yuk !! I hate rats and the smell of a dead one is enough to make me _ick_. Hope your hubby will be alright. I've heard of really nasty things coming from rats. take care !

ps. for the envie, I just used a 12x12 pp then folded, and cut the excess side. I put the card in the middle of the paper diagonally so that I could use the top edge as the envie seal/flap. That way I don't have to cut the exposed side. You wouldn't believe how many folds and cuts I made in there. Luckily, it is hidden beneath the "top fold".

~**Dawn**~ said...

I used to be bothered by mice. But in the area where I work there are a lot of citrus groves. Which attract somethig called citrus rats. Unlike their cousins of ill repute, they are not disease-carrying. But they are ENORMOUS. And sometimes they wander into our buildings at night. I used to leave my candy dish on my desk until there was a rat party & they left behind candy wrappers and some... er... other gifts on my desk calendar. Now I leave them no refreshments & thankfully they have moved the party elsewhere. After seeing the size of these montsers, I would gladly opt for a mouse. ::shudder::

SnoopMurph said...

Yikes! And ick!! I hope that he is feeling better soon too.

You do have some really attention grabbing stories!! Wow!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...


Diana said...

This happened to my friend too. She won't drive the car anymore, a Nissan Altima. She drives her husband's Chevy Avalanche truck instead! I'd trade it in.