Monday, June 11, 2007


A few things...the party went ok. My BIL did not even come down from the deck to say hello or to do the cake thing with his grandkids. I'm not sure if it was just because we were there or what. Anyway, it was good to see SIL, nieces, nephew and great nephews. One of them looks just like my 17 yo when he was that age, a little blondie with a crew cut!

I got ripped off yesterday and I"m going to try and correct it today but have no hope. I was at Toys R Us to buy the boys gifts, got two of the same thing. It rang up a lot higher than I expected but I didn't pay much attention, swiped my credit card and went out to the car to wrap. So it was bugging me when I got home. I checked my receipt and I was charged for three of this item. Ugh....why didn't I pay attention at the register?!! So I'm going to call the mgr. to see if they can verify it by checking their inventory. It's not close to my house so to go back up there is a major hassle. More later.

I forgot to say while waiting for my dh at band practice, I headed to a BIG AC Moore. I didn't have much to spend so I chose carefully. I got some Junkitz transparency ribbons and Heidi S. journal spots in ledger. Had my fix for a while!

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maia said...

that is so bad! (ToysRUs). I got a similar thing with BabiesRUs, we got something off from the registry and a few things for our use, when I checked the receipt at home, i found an extra thing like a "registry charge" which wasn't the actual gift because I knew the price. Of course when I went back to return something I asked the cashier about it, the cashier didn't know anything etc.. no product to return so no refund. I really hate that! to think they are big chains.