Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What makes me happy...

Susan (Hoppy) posted this on SBA. The first two things that come to mind are my boys. They don't always make me happy because they are 17 & 21. But I love how they are so sweet sometimes. My family commented on Easter after they left how sweet they are and how good it was to see them. Made me smile. Love my boys!!

The other thing that makes me very happy is my creative outlets. I'm so excited that I'm taking a Tim Holtz class this weekend! I love the fact that my card was posted on the front page of a swap board (of course, it's probably just because I'm the newbie but it made me feel good anyway). I just love my stamping/scrapping hobbies. They make me happy!

What makes you happy? Feel free to comment!!

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great post! The simple things in life make me happy. Before this last cool snap, I loved sitting out on my deck, with a book, my dog and watching the birds come eat birdseed from the feeder. Hearing my windchimes jingling in the breeze. Very simple things :)

Of course, there's blogging too, and TV, and movies, and food. But we don't have to go there, LOL!